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Why the sound of water facilitates sleep and relaxation

Have you ever thought that the sound of water could relax you? Install a small Zen fountain in your home, you will feel that joy of the senses.

It’s not just about some New Age ideas. Listening to the sound of flowing water, for example a stream, rain, the sea breaking on the rocks, relaxes. More and more studies show that the sound of water has a relaxing effect on people. It stimulates the brain and appears to have a positive effect on memory. In jargon it is called “white noise” at low frequency.

The sound of the water is relaxing

The sound of the water is very relaxing. In this sense, get an apartment fountain, one that fits well on any piece of furniture, even a small one, and place it in the bedroom. Electrical consumption, thanks to a transformer, is very low and the object also replaces the humidifier very well. For a particularly soporific effect, add one or two drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil to the water. In the absence of the fountain, you can resort to the sound of water, stream or sea waves, even with a recording on cassette or CD.

Why listen to the water to fight insomnia

A trick against tenacious insomnia is the compress according to Sebastian Kneipp. Cotton (not terry) and woolen blankets are needed. The first layer in contact with the skin consists of a cloth wet in cold water and wrung out well; the second from a dry towel. In the end they both wrap well with a layer of wool. In a short time, a pleasant heat is released, because the blood is drawn towards the treated part. Among other things, an excellent detoxifying effect is also obtained. The extension of the compress can vary as desired: from feet or ankles to the calf, or to the groin, or even to the waist.

To relax we choose the noises of the water

It has now been shown that the noises and sounds of nature help to relax, especially for those who live in an environment where noise pollution is part of everyday life. Traffic, works, machinery. Often even at night the decibel threshold is reduced. Here then that resorting to the sound of water could help. Try a screaming infant: the water flowing from the tap helps him to calm down.

A bath in the tub can be of great help, as long as the water is at the right temperature: neither too hot nor too cold (between 32 and 35 ° C). To obtain an even more relaxing effect, put the cap in an oblique position to let the water go down very slowly and remain in the tank with eyes half-closed while the water level goes down. On the other hand, do not take a cold shower and the “pin-like” jet that falls from above and with a strong jet, such as to generally make you nervous. Better to resort to a shower to “telephone”.

The sound of water to counteract tinnitus

Also to reduce the annoying problem of tinnitus, it is often suggested to listen to the sound of the water at night, because it seems that this type of noise has the advantage of promoting a peaceful sleep: in fact, a background of white noise promotes relaxation. For this you can buy CDs, or use an MP3 to spread the noise in the bedroom. The important thing is to avoid keeping the volume too high, so as not to run into the opposite effect.

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