Why selling and buying used is the choice of the future

A famous saying says “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – literally, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and there is nothing truer. In Italian there is no such proverb and this is not only a mere linguistic question but a real indicator of the fact that the second-hand economy in our country is less developed than abroad. In cities such as Paris and London, second-hand shops are everywhere and you can find everything from furniture to luxury and non-luxury clothing. In Italy, even in large cities, vintage shops can be counted on the fingertips. According to a recent Doxa research, in fact, the value of the second-hand market in Italy is estimated at 21 billion, a figure that at first glance may seem high but much lower than the 60 billion of countries like France.

Fortunately, things are starting to change in our country too. Thanks to the Internet, second-hand commerce is growing and new generations are more likely to buy used and exchange items. In addition to applications and sites dedicated to specific types of products such as clothes, cars or books, there are ad portals where you can find everything. Social networks are also a means of selling and buying used products: Facebook groups and the Facebook marketplace are a great way to find real opportunities.

Budget and sustainability among the pros
The first reason to think about when you decide to sell and buy used is the economic one. In the second-hand market you can do real business and today, thanks to the evaluation systems of buyers and sellers, the risks of scams are also online.

The second-hand market, however, is not intended only for those who want to shop within a certain budget: buying and selling used machinery is first and foremost a way to create a circular and sustainable economy because this avoids unnecessary waste of resources to produce a new product and dispose of the old one. Reusing is one of the mantras to live a more sustainable life and buying used allows you to give a new life to all those products in good condition and still functional objects that would otherwise remain unused. In fact, it is often difficult to get rid of objects, clothes and other things that you no longer need because you are sorry to see them end up in the trash bin. But if you think that what we no longer use can be a resource for someone else, it becomes easier to get rid of it.

The consumer society in which we live leads us to think that what is new is beautiful and pushes us to create a sort of repulsion for old objects, in particular if they are someone else’s “waste”. If, however, you manage to think about the uniqueness and history that second hand clothes and objects have experienced, you realize the added value that they bring with them and this is something that goes beyond the price of the product.

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