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Why money is so important

Some well-known economic theories believe that social peace is achieved by eliminating money, its value as a means of exchange for goods and the consequential rush to accumulate wealth. By definition, money is like matter: it transforms itself, but it is not destroyed. They can disappear in an instant, be reset, but the loss must always be measured by an action that has moved the lever backward or forward, it does not happen by itself. The same goes for earnings. It can be said that an efficient system, on a monetary level, is one where wealth moves constantly, not one where it is not lost. Of course, economic systems and the tendency to regulate the market determine where this wealth goes, whether in a few or many hands.

When you think you want to earn more, to put money at the center of your life, you probably do it because it helps to achieve if not happiness (deadly diseases and accidents are around the corner for everyone, good and bad. , riches and Poors). It must be said that desire and ambition are the basis of wealth. The alternative is to win the lotteries, but it doesn’t work that way, even with the highest jackpot in our history.

Often the aspiration to wealth is judged in very negative terms. There is a pertinent non-positive meaning that suits the case: venality. The point is that wishing for more money does not make us materialistic or selfish or members of an obscure sect devoted to profit. In reality, money, for the kind of importance it has in human civilization, at all latitudes, since time immemorial, is an extremely viable means to complete one’s individuality, give body to one’s self, have more options that ensure a better life. .

It must always be remembered that human life, reduced to a minimum, is essentially birth, growth, development of the organs of reproduction, fertility, reproduction and death. In these stages we ensure the best possible, from a genetic point of view, to obtain the best result, often adapting to convenience. It may sound cynical, but money is a human product, a result of our civilization, which allows us to live organized and achieve the best as a species (and it can be said that the result, being 7 billion, having practically exterminated the other competing species ) we got it and great.

Money has relative importance to many things, such as feelings. Yet we hear every day stories full of feelings such as love, friendship and respect, which have been questioned, if not destroyed by money. Anyone of us, unless we live in an earthly paradise, is aware of friends or acquaintances who have quarreled over money or who were happy as a couple, but when money began to run out, characters and feelings also changed. , personal relationships.

A lot of money The positive thing about money is that each of us can create it ourselves, not printing it at home, but giving ourselves an entrepreneurial opportunity, a way to increase it and almost never to the detriment of others, unless we want to take an action criminal or dishonest. But the idea that wealth in itself is a sin is quite obsolete and despite the excellent principles of cooperativism and solidarity that inform the human soul, it does not exactly correspond to the millennial behavior that we as a species carry on.

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