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Why do we dream: explanation and curiosity

Why do we dream? Here is the explanation

We all dream, have you ever wondered why? How many nights did we fall asleep with the desire to have a good dream and when we woke up we remembered what happened in one thread? It also happens that when you wake up you don’t remember anything of what you dreamed, it’s a strange feeling because in the morning you experience sensations and flashes travel in our mind, but you can’t really reconstruct what you experienced. In dreams you can be yourself, you can do things that you do not do in real life and, what is more beautiful, you can meet someone who is no longer there. It is said “dreams are desires”; it may be and perhaps during the day we think of something with such insistence that the brain wants nothing more than to see this desire materialize while dreaming. Now we see the explanation of why we dream and some curiosity about it.

Why do we dream: explanation

Cinderella, in one of the most beautiful fairy tales ever, whispered to the little birds and mice that lived with her “dreams are desires, happiness”. We do not know if they are desires of happiness or not, but for sure dreams are the place where we can escape from reality, meet someone who unfortunately is no longer there, live a life different from reality. There are many theories that have been made to give an explanation to this habitual action that we all do:

  • According to a theory “dreams are the result of our brain trying to undertake external stimuli during sleep”. For example, the sound of the radio can be incorporated into the content of a dream.
  • Metaphorically our mind is placed next to a computer: “dreams serve to clean up the mental disorder” just like the hard disk cleaning operations on our PC. The mind is cleaned up for the next day.
  • The theory that “dreams have the function of a true and proper psychotherapy”. The dreamer can make connections between different thoughts and different emotions in a safe environment.

Each, then, will choose the one that is closest to his thought; now we discover some curiosity.

Why do we dream: curiosity

Our brain, as we dream, discards and selects memories. The day after studying, you will be able to remember what you have studied if you sleep at night and you don’t spend it on books; for this reason, if we want to remember everything the next day, we must sleep well and what we have studied will remain engraved in our mind. In addition to discarding and selecting memories, our brain, while we dream, tries to solve problems; when you have a problem you can’t manage to solve, sleep. The dream can be a faithful or symbolic reflection of what our mind occupies, the insecurity and the state of mind it causes, at night can turn into a nightmare. Not even Freud in his “The interpretation of dreams” managed to give an explanation to dreams, but one thing is certain, sleeping, and therefore dreaming, is not lost time.

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