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Why do people smoke?

Boredom, stress, identity search, wanting to look bigger … what is the reason why you smoke?

Even the stones know that smoking hurts, yet there are millions and millions of people who fall into the cigarette net every year and millions and millions who remain attached to vice. Why?
For the second group, the answer is one and very easy: smoking is an addiction and quitting really is very difficult so it can be said that whoever starts is almost condemned to continue.
Why do we start then?
We begin to answer this question by taking it from a somewhat anomalous side, that is, seeing not the characteristics of the smoker but those of the non-smoker.
In other words, why do some people not give in to the temptation to smoke and others do?
In general, those who do not smoke have a more moralistic view of life and consider smoking a vice from which it is right to keep away. Often no smoking is associated with not drinking, for example. It is also argued that those who do not smoke tend to be more reliable, with a sense of their own life, a dedicated worker, willing to have a fixed relationship, less sociable than the smoker and with a more rigid personality.
For smokers, however, one of the motivating factors is the desire to appear bigger and be considered adults, rebellion, the search for a position within the group, curiosity, a sense of inferiority compared to their peers and desire to imitate.
According to some American studies, males are more likely to smoke than females and to smoke more. Another interesting fact is that even if the first approach to the cigarette occurs from very young people, the habit stabilization tends to take place around 18 years.

Among the most common reasons that smokers give for their behavior is stress, although, in fact, nicotine is a stimulant for which it is chemically impossible to help relax.
Other reasons given support when something goes wrong; the pleasure of doing something in common with others; a tool for breaking the ice on social occasions; appear more confident and controlled; break the monotony and/or boredom; something to do when you need a break.
Knowing why you smoke is important when you decide to quit, so it’s important to try to identify it.

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