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Why are some people rich and others poor?

The main cause of poverty is the wrong attitude

Those who deliberately lower their standard of living and independently engage in unloved affairs are responsible for their material problems.

A famous American business coach, Steve Seabold, who specializes in coaching for sales professionals, has published a book on the psychological differences in the behavior of people with different levels of income.

The experience of observing society has allowed the trainer to discover how the thinking of a rich person differs from the way of thinking of an individual who lives “from the paycheck to the paycheck”.

“The average person is bombarded with the argument that the rich are lucky or dishonest characters (that’s why enrichment is considered something shameful in the lower strata of the population). Those who are rich know that wealth, although it does not guarantee happiness, it does so life is much simpler and more fun, “says Sibold.

One of the most notable differences in the thinking of the rich and the poor is: “The poor are convinced that self-confidence is a disadvantage. The rich believe that this is an advantage”.

“The rich are distinguished by the fact that they always strive to make themselves personally happy, do not suffer from false modesty and do not pretend to want to save the world. Well, really, if you don’t save yourself first, how can you help others?” – comments the author of the book.

“The millionaires who built their fortunes from scratch achieved success because they looked to the future and thought about how to make their dreams come true. Those who are sure that the best of life remains in the past are extremely rarely able to accomplish anything. because they often suffer from depression, “says Steve Seabold.

“It may seem to an ordinary person that the rich are forced to plow 24 hours a day to maintain the source of their well-being. In fact, the rich tend to do what they love, finding a way to earn money on it. But, for example, the middle class is looking for a job, to hate it later – from childhood, people are taught that work and gain must necessarily be accompanied by great emotional and physical efforts, “observes the writer.

Another interesting difference in the way of thinking about the rich and the poor is, according to Steve Seabold, that the chronically “poor”, fearing disappointment, set the lowest level for everything. The potential rich man is distinguished by the fact that he is always focused on something more.

“Psychologists often advise their clients not to have excessively high hopes and not to ask for the impossible, so that you will never be disappointed later. But you will never get anything, including wealth, if you didn’t dream about it,” notes Steve Sibold.

“To get rich, you have to do something special, the poor think. The rich think differently: to get rich, you have to be someone special.

As long as the gray masses are focused on the same work and its momentary result, individuals analyze their experience and learn to profit from mistakes as well. It is not surprising that everyone likes Donald Trump’s story so much: he lost all his millions, entered a debt hole, but came out of nothing richer than before, “comments the author of the book.

“The poor teach their children how to survive. The rich teach children how to be rich. Children from wealthy families from an early age are taught that there are two types of people: rich and poor,” said Steve Sibold. He admits that on this point he has heard many criticisms in his speech. For example, the accusations of “elitism”. But the author of the book claims his position: “These children are used to looking at society objectively, to seeing it as it is. If a child quickly understands what wealth is, he is more likely to seek it in the future. . “

The poor tend to save money, and the rich tend to earn it. The average person, according to Steve Sibold, constantly puts aside the amounts in reserve, refuses a lot to maintain the family budget, so he never has the money or the physical ability to do anything more. But a person who can achieve success is distinguished by the fact that he, the author of the book believes, is always aimed at new goals and new money.

How to crawl out of a boring life when you are always seen by an ever dissatisfied wife? When younger children get sick and can’t go to kindergarten. Do seniors come from school with greetings and comments? When your boss squeezes you the last juices and changes the rules of the game every time, trying to outsmart. When there is no place to live and forever not enough money? When didn’t a single dream come true?

It would seem that all people are equal: each person has two arms, two legs, one head. However, some live happily ever after and, as they say, are wealthy: they only get the best and most beautiful cars, eat in expensive restaurants and relax in different parts of the world.

As for other people, their financial situation leaves much to be desired: they live badly “from the paycheck to the paycheck”, eat what they have to do and there is no doubt about their car.

What is the fundamental difference? Why are some people rich and others poor? What exactly makes a person poor and why do the rich get richer? It also happens with countries: some are richer than others.

“The average person is bombarded with the thesis that the rich are lucky or dishonest characters (that’s why enrichment is considered something shameful in the lower strata of the population). The rich know that wealth, although it does not guarantee happiness, makes it much simpler and more enjoyable life “

Lack of specific purposes

As a rule, low-income people without wealthy relatives have no goals and fight for nothing. They are ready to work from morning to night for a paltry salary and are used to such a life. For them, the most important thing is to eat and at least relax a little. Therefore, if you are faced with the task of changing your life for the better, be sure to look for something.

Most people suffer from “procrastination”. This is when you’re going to “take tomorrow” on your mind, but tomorrow never comes. It is also common to start a new life on Monday or the new year. But, as a rule, most people fail to overcome themselves, find the willpower to start a new life.

How to force yourself and motivate to achieve some goals? Make a dream come true for yourself: everyone can manage it. Then divide the dream result into several stages. These will be local targets. Set the deadline for the first goal, determine by what means you will reach the goal. All of this is best written on paper to see clarity. The target can be divided into small objects. And when next Monday comes, try to satisfy only one point. And don’t think about anything else. Is it really that easy?

So by dividing the dream into goals and objectives in points, you can discard unnecessary things and concentrate on small tasks. As a rule, they are much easier to satisfy and are not so shocked by their global nature. Moscow wasn’t built right away – not for nothing they say it.


In other words, it is unreasonable waste of money to make unnecessary purchases. Remember one simple thing: a person who does not know how to save can never get rich. As a rule, a poor man always tries to buy what is imposed on him in advertising. Also, he does it fully consciously, but doesn’t think “why do I need it?” Which will benefit. “

Try to find in your daily purchases those you don’t really need. Maybe somewhere you pay too much for the brand. Or some things cannot be purchased at all. Reduce trips to bars and restaurants. Use discount coupons, for example. Or choose the cheaper institutions. Here are some other ways to save on food.

Try not to spend the whole salary on life, but to postpone a little. A rainy day reserve fund will be useful for every family. The accumulated money will help you feel safe in the future, protect you with an unexpected layoff at work or a loss of bonuses. Your children won’t starve, they won’t be so poor, think about it.

Complaints about life

“The boss is bad, he constantly swears, his work colleagues are too aggressive …” and off we go.

Many poor people are used to complaining about life and believe that this is normal. But is not so. Successful and wealthy people don’t complain about life, they act! They are doing everything to achieve the desired. They don’t even have time for this nonsense.

Try to make yourself think when you complain about someone bad life. Each time, scold yourself and think “what have you done to change your life”.

People around when they complain to each other (sometimes entire companies), they feel a common solidarity. They are also happy to complain to each other, find in this common characteristics and a sense of community. This is actually a pack feeling. If you want to get out of the herd of useless plaintive creatures, you have to change your mindset. Try not to complain in such a company of people, you will see that they will not be well. You will feel uncomfortable and want to leave.

Change the company into one that, during meetings, does not complain about life, but discusses how to reach one or the other. And you will understand that complaints are empty conversations of inactive and empty people. And never tell these plaintive creatures that you have an activity or project in mind to get out of this gray. Don’t say it, because they’ll start criticizing you and say you won’t. In fact, they just don’t want you to get out of their herd, they don’t want you to be successful. Don’t be mad at them, just try not to communicate. They will pull you back.

Communicate only with those people who go ahead and take care of the word. It is better to have a rich friend than three poor ones. In the company of the rich (or at least fighting for wealth), you will change your mentality, you will see that they speak of completely different things.

“The rich don’t hang themselves for education and diplomas. They prefer to focus on obtaining the special knowledge and skills they need “, and” The rich tend to spend their free time to increase this knowledge, rather than emptying the entertainment “,” Money does not cause emotions for the rich, they are perceived as a tool to achieve the goal “.

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Hi my dear readers and blog guests! You asked yourself why some are lucky with money, while others aren’t. Why are some people rich and others poor? Where does this inequality come from? Usually, attitudes of poverty are placed in the child as a child. Observe the parents’ behavior and listen to their opinion. Some people are convinced that they cannot earn a lot of money, which can be obtained through criminal means or by working hard. They don’t like everything, everything is seen as deception and fraud. Even if they improve their standard of living by providing everything they need, they will find a way to find fault and complain again.

For example, when a lonely young man asks him why he doesn’t get married, he replies that women only need rich men with a good car. If you give it to him, after a while he will talk about poor work and accommodation. In this case, the person simply doesn’t want to work, get something in life and get out of the financial hole.

Why are some people rich and others poor?

To solve money problems and stop being a beggar, you need to change your attitude towards life. Stop waiting for miracles and start creating them yourself. You should start right now, otherwise it will be too late.

Do not look for easy ways to get money and earn quickly, as a rule, this only poses a problem. For example, playing in a casino, selling prohibited goods, etc. This is a slippery slope.

In life there is no universal way to get rich. Everyone comes in his own way. One of the most important conditions for a successful life is to find a company you would like to focus on. It is so nice to work on what you like and get paid for it. Of course, it is easy to say, there are few people who know what they want and how to achieve it.

Rich people, unlike the poor, are constantly in a state of mental stress. They make sure that the system created by them works normally. People with a psychology of poverty want to work on the “worked and forgotten” principle.

If a person does not wish to open his own business, this does not mean that he will be a poor loser. There are many excellent professionals in their profession who reach impressive heights in their careers and just as many examples of failed businesses. The most important thing in a person is the desire to earn money and the desire to work.

The main characteristics of the psychology of poverty

To determine what type your consciousness belongs to, analyze your attitude towards life and determine if you have the following signs of bad thinking:

  • greed and pampering

Money must be earned, not saved. Surprisingly, most young people are busy running to get a miserable reduction in their bills, looking for cheaper things. During the time they spend waiting in line and chasing cheap products, they couldn’t have earned much more money than they saved. Finance does not like to be carefully preserved, archived and saved. They love freedom and reasonable attitude. It would be much more productive to take them to a bank or invest in some business than to keep them in socks at home.

  • self-pity

All people are experiencing some difficulties, few people are now simple. If you think it is the most miserable and you have the most difficult time compared to others, then this is a wrong opinion. Self-pity leads to selfishness, selfishness and self-destruction. Get together, stop harassing friends and relatives, believe me, they don’t live more easily than yours.

  • work for money

If you go to work just for money, then this is the wrong approach to financial well-being. Aversion to work causes a state of depression and despair. If you can’t wait for Friday evening, and with the fear of Monday morning, think about it, your job could change. Currently, employers welcome the initiative’s workers, and if you are trying to avoid any calls and return home faster, this is not particularly appreciated by the authorities.

  • financial success and well-being are synonymous

These are not always synonyms, of course, the truth is, however, there are many examples where people, being wealthy, are very unhappy. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight. To achieve this, you have to work hard, engage in self-education and avoid stagnation.

  • difficulty in planning expenses

If you spend more than what you get, come in, then surely you have to do something about it. Start by planning your expenses. There are many methods that allow you not to spend too much and even save a certain supply for a rainy day. So you can think of finding additional income or higher paid work.

  • envy and confrontation

Stop envying others, considering them more successful. If you feel your failure, take action to improve your quality of life. Perhaps, while they were making money, you rested and lived in a measured and calm way.

  • constant whining and complaints of life

Usually, people who love take the victim position. They like to feel sorry for them, trying to help. They are at the center of attention and concern. However, if you try to correct the situation, help them, after receiving what they want, they will also find flaws in this. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s okay if you can’t do it for the first time, you have to fight for victory. Remember the legendary Beatles band, they turned to 20 recording studios and turned them down everywhere. However, they did not give up and were lucky, some small companies paid attention to them, which in the future brought them great success and fame.

  • focusing only on your problems

This property is for those who constantly feel sorry for themselves. People are so focused on their problems that they are not interested in anything else. They isolate themselves, speak with few people, consider others as universal evil. They are afraid to decide to do something and expect a miracle from life. To find financial prosperity, it is necessary to communicate with other people, to deepen the affairs of the family and relatives. They need you and you need them.

  • discontent with leaders

This is the preferred way to transfer all your problems to someone else, the government, superiors, etc. They believe that living somewhere else is better and that someone else is responsible for the fact that they are poor and unhappy. Stop criticizing, because you will be annoyed and offended by the fact that nothing will change. Better get to work and take the time to benefit from it.

  • desire to get everything in an instant

Reach gradually. In life, wealth rarely falls on your mind in an instant. To achieve this, you have to work hard and constantly think about how to make additional profit. For those who want everything and immediately open only one way: the criminal. But he still hadn’t brought anyone to good.

Three types of human thinking

Among people, according to the type of thought, it can be divided into three types:

1. victims

These are individuals of a sore type who are always unfortunate in everything. They can only criticize, but they themselves are afraid to do something or decide. I prefer to work so that the owner has less responsibility.

2. organizers

People who have clear ideas on how to make money. They usually know a lot and work a lot. They are constantly in a state of nervous tension and have a great responsibility. They have an active life position and believe that success in life can only be achieved through their work. They often work with people with the victim’s living position.

3. lucky ones

These individuals perceive life as it is. They complain a little and don’t work until they lose heart rate. They are optimistic about the future and are happy to have done so. They often have luck in life and get a lot. This is the last stage of personality development, when it has already passed the sacrifice and master stage. These people are generally wealthy, successful, but at the same time kind and not offended by life.

Change your mindset about making money. The reason for the poor is to go and earn the right amount. And the reasoning of the rich aims to develop a methodology for obtaining a stable income. At the same time, the poor begin to work for these people according to the pattern they have created.

Now you know why some people are rich and others are poor. The psychology of poverty is fairly simple. It all depends on your way of thinking and your mood.

Any dispute at the end, when the relevant topics are already finished, can end with the motto: “Once so smart, where’s your wealth?” The question is mostly rhetoric, although it does provide sarcasm, but the meaning in this simple sentence is more than enough. It is worth looking around and chatting with others, as some patterns rush immediately, because people are poor or rich, because if a person can be called very intelligent, then most likely he will not be among those who live rich? Why are people often wealthy who don’t have great intellect, or at least that set of knowledge that would make it possible to claim the title of an intelligent member of society?

Such a paradox of modern life definitely has a place to stay and it also has a very convincing set of explanations as to why people live badly. More often you can see a rich man, or rather, a rich man who takes his own, not with intelligence, but with arrogance, perseverance and firm trust in his innocence. Such individuals are judged to be the most intelligent, knowing absolutely all the answers. At the same time, an intelligent person is often poor, he will never say he “knows everything”, on the contrary, he will live with a simple and ingenious thought in his head: “The more I know, the less I know”.


The search for new knowledge for an intelligent person is the basis of every action. At the same time, the accumulation of wealth is for the most part the result of the banal sale of something, moreover, it is often the same type of actions that repeat themselves day after day and give profits. In reality, in relation to the search for the truth of the new knowledge, making a profit is a boring and monotonous activity that once again scares creative personalities.

Realization of the set objectives

A person of good reading will inevitably commit to building an ideal business and will conceive its structure, ultimately providing the highest quality goods or services. In real life, such aspirations can only harm business. Any profits are immediately spent on further improvements and idealizations, which are not really necessary on the market. The market is governed by the concept of sufficiency and accessibility. This will attract the majority of consumers and, consequently, the maximum flow of funds in the entrepreneur’s portfolio, otherwise he will continue to live poorly.


Very often, intelligent people are not confident in their decisions and the results of their analyzes. This happens because of attempts to take absolutely everything, every little thing into consideration, and with a considerable baggage of knowledge even if only theoretical, this brings the analysis process or the decision-making process to something more similar to a rolling snowball downhill. Even a simple question: “Why am I poor?” causes much thought, often far from real actions. At the same time, a simple person in judgment and whose “face is not disfigured by the intellect” will act as simply as possible without worrying about the details. It will only have the task of obtaining a result and not to deceive the head on the fidelity of a certain action.

The opinion of others

The environment affects people much more than you can imagine. A trivial situation in which a person’s entire environment is made up of the same low-income people as him. In such an environment, attempts to do business will only lead to ridicule: “It looks like a head on the spot, but it went to the traders”, while the “dealer” will be pronounced clearly in a derogatory and somewhat offensive tone. One cannot count on raising morale with such support. An attempt to explain that trade, especially high tech goods, requires considerable effort and knowledge.

Work of necessity

Wherever you look, people when they choose a job or business more often look at the opportunity to earn more, forgetting to choose a more attractive area of ​​activity that will not be foreign to their desires. The result is very regrettable, perhaps the money earned is not bad, only the work is more like torment and slavery, reducing any result to zero and making the entrepreneur poor in a different sense.

Pessimism. The fatal effects of errors

If the poor person is wrong, this only aggravates the already serious condition. It is much more likely that after a mistake or a miscalculation, a person gives up and does not decide on a new attempt, believing that he is not ready for such a thing and that we have yet to learn. That is why some rich other poor, the rich will not withdraw from its goal, even if they make stupid mistakes. It will take into account its calculation errors and again will attack the previously not overcome barriers.

Trading is not for intellectuals

Trading is only suitable for persistent and tenacious. The ability to sell any product is similar to talent, but in reality it depends on perseverance and perseverance rather than ability and knowledge.

What the poor person should do to improve his financial situation:

Learn to sell. In reality, only by selling something other than your time and skills can you earn a fortune.

Do what will be appreciated after the capital acquisition. In fact, all possible paths are open to the poor, it is important to choose the one you will not tire of following the initial objectives.

Trust is the key to success. Whether you are poor or rich, any business will inevitably lead to the first setbacks, however only perseverance and confidence in your rightness will help you move forward.

The errors will be in the perfectly weighted plan of each essay. This should be treated as an experience, not a tragic accident.

Don’t fight for the ideal. The market, like any other relationship, does not require completeness, often operates with the concept of sufficiency.

It is better for the poor to expand his communication circle at the expense of successful people. Only a rich man with his life experience will be able to recommend something practical.

It is better to act non-standard, bypassing the prevailing opinions. If you act like everyone else, the poor will never open up new opportunities, because at every step they will have to face competition.

Having adopted such simple rules, you can start governing your life, so that achieving financial independence and prosperity is a pleasure. So any business will not encounter obstacles. Why are people poor? Everything is based on your attitude towards money and on ways to achieve your goals.

First of all, to understand why there are poor and rich, one should consider the format of their values, which in essence constitute their roadmap for life. For smartphones, the first priority will be the accumulation of new knowledge. For the rich man, there is only one priority in life – even greater wealth, and he will not be behind the means to achieve this. Is there an option to combine these two impulses into a single life attitude so that, by complementing each other, the path to reach the goal is much shorter?

Often people with almost the same skills have only one difference: some are wealthy and others are poor. Why is this happening? Why are you poor if so smart? Scientists have found the answer to this question. To become rich in talent and energy is not enough, experts have found the main ingredient for success.

Rich and poor

All wealth in the world is distributed according to the “80-20” scheme: that is, 80 percent of wealth belongs to only 20 percent of living people. It turns out that the condition of eight people in total is equal to the income of the 3.8 billion of the poorest inhabitants of the planet, reports Rusbase.

There is an opinion that the more talented and active a person is, the richer and more successful they are. The alleged financial literacy and the right investments will help you become a millionaire. The problem is that skills and talents are evenly distributed among all people. For example, the average IQ is 100, but nobody has an IQ of 1,000 or 10,000. Some people work more than others, but none work thousands of times more hours than others. The only difference is that with an approximately equal IQ and time spent at work, some receive 10,000 rubles, while others receive millions.

How are people successful?

To answer this question, scientists created a computer model of human talent and how people use their skills. Everything turned out to be very simple: the richest are not the most talented. They are the luckiest.

In their computer model, scientists created thousands of people with different levels of intelligence and income. The plan was to prove whether the smartest will become the wealthiest in forty years. Apparently, this has not happened with any of the more “promising” characters, even after thousands of cycles of the model.

The researchers concluded that maximum success never coincides with maximum talent and vice versa. You are not poor because you are stupid or untalented. You are just unlucky.

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