Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure

What is friendship for you? How do you mean it? What value do you give her? What place does it occupy in your life? Is it right to give, receive or share both good and bad times?

Friendship is a fundamental value for every human being, since we are born we are used to establishing relationships with others, building more lasting friendships or less, old or new. For me, friendship is a fundamental component of life, being a sociable type, I love being among others and spending my free time with them. However, I often divide knowledge from friendships: the former are those people you hang out with, you have fun with, but you don’t tell everything that happens in your life, the latter are fundamental, because they represent the people you can always count on in good and bad times , they know your secrets and advise you for your good. Precisely because of the importance it has, I always try to be selfless with my friends, especially in times of need, and I try to give the best advice to make sure that the other gets morale. My friends trust me, because when they tell me a secret, I know how to keep it, I don’t go and blurt it out, in short, according to them, I am a grave, because I know that it is important to behave like this, when you love a person . There was no lack of disappointments, in the moments when I needed some of these people were not there, or I felt left out in some situation, but when it happens, you really understand who is friend and who is not. However, my best friend has always behaved well and after my parents she is the most important person, we both know what friendship really means. We are always together and we share everything, we tell each other the secrets, we go out together, we often go to eat at each other’s house and do dance, since we were little girls. We grew up close to each other, and if something goes wrong we are always there, we defend ourselves even in moments of quarrel with our classmates, as there are often some in class. Is it right to give, receive or share both good and bad times? That’s a good question. For me and for the value I give to friendship, this is all right, you must always help others. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing good news, from a good grade at school, to a parental exit permit, to the last gift given, to that “I like you” of the boy you have been waiting for so long and finally arrived after you had hoped for it. But often there are bad times and you want to share those fears, anxieties and pains with those who know you and know that a single hug can make you feel better. Receiving all this at all times I think is the best reward for everything you did for each other. The saying “he who finds a friend finds a treasure” is true, but keeping this treasure is even more important!

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