Who Am I- Kein System ist Sicher ( 2014 )

Benjamin, a hacker, in an interrogation room is telling his story to Hanne Lindberg, a cybercrime policewoman.
From being a zero to being part of a group of hackers, self-called CLAY (the acronym of Clowns Laughing at You, when in action they wear clown masks) and their acts of sabotage to get noticed by the prince of hackers, such MRX.
Up to the blow against an important government agency and the killing of his CLAY comrades, from first to last.
Now he is there and tells everything because he fears for his life.
But is he really telling the whole truth?

Who Am I – Kein System ist Sicher is a German cyber-thriller that has won several awards at home and abroad, written and directed by Baran bo Odar who is going to be included in the mare magnum of thrillers related to the world of computer science without however get lost in abstruse technicalities.

Don’t worry, this film can also be seen by someone who has the computer skills of a squid just removed from the pressure cooker, like me, the computer world is the background on which this gang of hooligans acts because basically they are just hooligans hyper-technologized, who only want to become hacking legends.

Explicitly citing Matrix, Fight Club but also James Mangold’s Identity (unacknowledged horror thriller from 2003, at least as regards the construction of the finale), The usual suspects for Who am I – Kein System ist Sicher also links a series of interesting reflections on reality virtual and on the need that many have to disguise themselves in this life made of pixels, making shining armor and humus of legend behind them to support that mythical aura that in reality would have no reason to exist.

How the perspectives through which the story is told and all the cinema that talks about computers and their not strictly legal use are reversed several times,
Benjamin is a zero, a shy boy who only knows how to do upholstery, yet together with the band he joins he becomes someone, he comes to meet his beloved riding an ideal steed (a red Porsche), even to kiss her because anyway he feels he has become someone.
He is no longer just a loser capable of fiddling with the computer: he is a hacker, capable of doing very sabotage acts in the name of an ideal (but also of economic gain) and wants to be noticed by the number one hacker of the cybersphere: this MRX meeting in a kind of limbo where one communicates only through a chat.

Here is another theme that lurks in the folds of this film: you become able to communicate only through a computer keyboard, physical contact, looking in the eyes (not surprisingly all these hackers, dark principles in the darkness of the deep internet , the one not within the reach of normal visitors, they all wear masks) becomes a reason for extreme unease and an insurmountable obstacle.

The film by Baran bo Odar, however, has a very glamorous packaging, light if we want, something agile and snappy like his direction, a little cool and very young, which dazzles the viewer much more.

Who am I – Kein System ist Sicher is a film that tells a story at high speed.

So many things happen that you don’t even have time to stop and think.
And the ending still catches you unprepared, in its repeated game of mirrors, forces you to rewind the tape containing the 100 minutes you have just seen.
And, I must say, the game is very funny.
The rights have already been acquired for a possible American remake.


the ending is to be looked at and looked at, perhaps to find the mistake …


The computer will always remain a joyful mystery, at least as far as I’m concerned.
We only explored the surface of the internet world … And, finally, I wanna become a hacker 😉

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