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When was painting on canvas born?

Painting on canvas initially appears in England and later in Flanders during the fifteenth century, following a change in the role of painting. While in fact in the rest of Europe the painters still lived on the great works (frescoes or large panels on wood of sacred subject), generally commissioned by the Church, in these places a new type of request was developing, linked to the nobility, which in the century later it would spread across Europe.
Comfortable and cheap. The new customers asked for portraits, landscapes, social life scenes, subjects that required much more manageable support than the heavy wooden boards. So the use of the canvas spread along with that of the easel.
The transition from wood to canvas was also favored by other advantages: canvases do not deform over time like wood, they are easier to preserve and take up less space; moreover, technological advances in industrial production made them much cheaper.
In Italy, the use of the canvas appeared only in the 16th century, probably imported by some painters from Flanders, such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder, who stayed for a long time in Italy.

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