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What to do when you are sad

What to do when you are sad? What to do when they take such paturnies that take away enthusiasm, joy, and joy? What to do when you feel down, a little, a little, or even a little?

To tackle this issue, some premises are necessary: ​​medical and therapeutic advice is not wanted and cannot be given in any form.

We approach the topic from a practical point of view, until we talk about a common mood and indeed shared by all humans, a state of mind that, using the most effective resources can be changed in a natural and spontaneous way .

Being sad is part of life, feeling sad happens to everyone at different times of the day or at different stages of existence.

That said, if you find yourself in a constant and constant state of sadness that affects the quality and serenity of your days, it negatively affects your lifestyle and your activities, it is good that you ask a competent figure, a doctor, who can possibly make a diagnosis based on clinical and objective data.

In fact, a sadness that lasts over time can be the most visible symptom of a depression and depression can happen, it is nothing to be ashamed of, you can recover from depression and if you suffer from depression it is useful, intelligent, clever to heal with support of competent professionals.

In addition there are a number of other disorders of physical origin that can affect people’s mood and if the state of “sadness” is prolonged over time, it is appropriate to investigate further, it is never that this is a symptom of a spy disorder which otherwise would be difficult to discover. And that are easily solved.

Why lose in time and in quality of life when an issue can be resolved quickly and easily?

So if you find yourself in a state of permanent sadness, the first step is to go to your doctor and explain to him well what is happening to you, perhaps by bringing you a piece of paper on which you have noted what is important to you he seemed to notice in your mood and the effects it has on your life.

Why the attending physician? Because in our National Health System (one of the best, if not the best in the world) the attending physician is the first interlocutor who legitimately and authoritatively helps to find his way through the most effective and useful therapies for our physical and psychological health.

Obviously with this premise I do not mean that every state of sadness must be considered as a symptom of a depression or some other disorder of perhaps organic origin.

Attention to oneself and one’s state of health – physical and emotional – must not turn into obsession, into unjustified fear of disease, that is into hypochondria.

Also keep in mind that if you have recently experienced one or more difficulties, frustrating situations, or even loss or grief, it is normal for you to feel sad most of the time.

In this case it is not a question of having problems, but of being human and maybe, if necessary, even in this situation it is advisable to ask for external help.

Another important aspect, of which we speak little because of an ancestral and unmotivated modesty, especially in Italy: our mood is influenced by our physiology and in particular the mood of women is influenced by the hormonal cycle it is experiencing.

In pregnancy, hormones influence the mood of the expectant woman; but also immediately after the birth, in the premenstrual period, in the perimestrual period (ie immediately before, during and after the onset of menstruation), during preadolescence, during adolescence or during perimenopause (the period before menopause) or during menopause itself.

Taking oral contraceptives (the pill) or hormones has a powerful influence on mood.

There is no woman who does not know this, but there are still many women who underestimate the influence that the physiology and natural changes of the hormonal structure in the various phases of existence or in the various phases of the cycle has on their mood.

If you want to have a real care of yourself, from a physical and emotional point of view, it is important that you learn to know yourself and your answers to the natural variations that your body and your hormones put into effect.

To do this it is sufficient that you keep a simple and synthetic diary related to the phases of the menstrual cycle and the mood day by day

It is also important, to avoid being alarmed and to live with more serenity and more control what happens to you, that you get used to recognizing if and when certain of your moods can be determined by what is happening in you on a level physiological.

This is also living with awareness. And those who are intelligent live with awareness.

Also remember that our lifestyle strongly influences our psychological well-being.

So be careful about how you take care of yourself, that is how much good food you eat and if you eat at regular times, if you alternate with balance between activity and rest, if you do physical activity and so on.

If you enjoy yourself enough and if you are engaged in the study or in a job that interests you continuously but without excesses.

If you drink enough water every day.

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