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What does it mean to live?

There are answers of all kinds. However, most are consolidated as irrevocable statements, there is no margin of doubt, life is like this. Below I would like to share with you some of the answers found on the internet regarding this topic:

  • Life is a delicate balance between making good decisions and avoiding dangers.
  • Life is to trust our feelings, face risks, find happiness, enhance memories and learn from the past.
  • Life is so short that if you waste it, it will end even faster.
  • Life is like the Simpsons sofa: you never know what can happen.
  • Life is an adventure: live, feel, love, laugh, cry, play, win, lose, fall, but always get up and continue.
  • Life is to live in the moment and make it the best it can be, without knowing what will happen next.
  • Life is a torture chamber, from which we will emerge dead.
  • Life is knowing how to hold an umbrella when it rains.

These are just a few sentences by way of example; there can be as many definitions about life as there are people, this is it. The person who considers life torture is not wrong, this is what he thinks, what he believes, what it means to live for him / her. If for another, however, it means facing downpours that fall from the sky, then for him / her this will be life.

My definition of life

If I had to give my definition of what life is, it would be: “it is what you want it to be”, neither more nor less, because even if we are all human beings, we do not all see the same way even if we live the one next to each other. For example: two people see a very cute dog, one of them simply believes that he is a very docile dog, while the other may think that he has been mistreated and therefore reacts in this way. Both of them may be right or neither.

Calderón de la Barca said in his “Segismundo Monologue”:

  • What is life? Delirium.
  • What is life? Illusion.
  • Just chimera and shadow,
  • And the greatest good is nothing:
  • That all life is dream,
  • And dreams, dreams are.

Find your dream

If life is a dream, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to choose what to dream about? It is clear that those who have a dream life will never think that it consists in enduring regrets, tortures or slanders; he will think that life is the best gift he could ever have received. On the contrary, those who continually face misfortunes will believe that it is not worth living. Also, do not confuse economic wealth with happiness, there are many happy “poor” and many sad millionaires. Life is what we believe it is and the more we expect from it, the more it will give us.

Now take some time to think about what life is for you. Life can go in different directions, but we choose which ones to take.

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