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More and more people are approaching a cruelty-free lifestyle, undoubtedly healthy and respectful in various aspects. Killing a living being for the pure satisfaction of the palate is considered free violence now no longer necessary, also the consumption of meat has a negative impact on our health and that of the environment

The small number of vegetarians and especially vegans increases visibly, but the reasons that lead to taking this choice are varied and subjective, also because it is not a religion but a personal choice. Certainly the most important, what usually pushes us to make this decision, is the awareness of the terrible conditions to which animals are subjected. It is the will not to kill, not be complicit in a system that enslaves, exploits and mistreats animals from their first breath, accompanying them in this way until their last exhalation. They are recognized as having the ability to experience emotions, feelings and therefore also pain and suffering
This is why you choose not to eat it, but not only. Being ethically vegan means not only stopping eating meat, fish and all products of animal origin (therefore milk, eggs, cheeses, and honey), but also not wearing any garment that is made of someone else’s skins, not buying cosmetics, household or personal products that have been tested on innocent living beings and born to be slaves all their lives. The idea that man has the right to decide on the lives of others is rejected because living without killing is possible. Veganism is not simply a diet, this plays only a marginal role compared to the general picture, which is much wider and embraces every aspect of one’s existence. Being vegan means choosing to change one’s life not by feeling the weight of renunciation, but by living one’s choice as an enrichment. However, the reasons that lead to approaching a veg lifestyle are also of another kind, there are those who approach it after a serious oncological pathology, after dermatitis or other inflammatory diseases or simply for health reasons; but there are also those who do it after knowing that intensive farming is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and therefore the main cause of pollution.
Surely there are also those who think that being veg is chic, but the main reasons behind this change are strong and serious, for this reason, it does not make sense to talk about fashion because there is questioning in life not only of living beings who before becoming food were someone, but also the health of the nature that surrounds us and that of each of us, of our fathers and of our children.

Becoming vegan means having the strength to make an important choice that will change one’s life and that has respect for all of this.

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