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Value of change, essay

The importance of change from a psychological point of view in the individual sphere

The life of human beings is an up and down path full of challenges and changes. Living beings are genetically programmed to seek harmony and balance that can guarantee the best adaptation to the environment; yet, many times people seek change, to try to escape from a suffocating routine.

Is this perhaps one of the many contradictions with our nature?
Not actually: in fact, many times, a change can be more adaptive than a habit, on the other hand, evolution is based on change (often dictated by chance).
Similarly, human beings, at certain stages of their life, need changes that can in a certain sense bring about a turning point, a sort of evolution.
The changes involve the activation of a series of both positive and negative emotions: how many times it happens to feel frustrated in the face of situations we have never faced, but at the same time possessed by a great vital force that pushes us towards the resolution of the aforementioned situations?
Man, as a social animal, must remember not to fear change: it is the latter that promote our psychological growth. As Erikson argued, in every stage of life there are trials to be faced in order to reach the next stage; it is inevitable that these tests result in having to face completely new situations. But, on the other hand, we are made to go through numerous changes: we must not forget, in fact, that our brain (even if it has limits) is incremental, and so must be our attitude towards situations and life in general. Change means modification or implementation of a behavior and, therefore, this term can be traced back, in a broad sense, to the concept of learning, or modification of a behavior.

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