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Use memories the right way

We often get trapped in memories without realizing that when they appear they have nothing to do with the past, but with the future: they give the energy to start again

Memories are a minefield for those who feel they have outstanding accounts with the past. Someone says: “The moments of the life I spent with him torment me. Even small things trigger memories: a road, an object … Why do they arrive? “. You live between the desire to put a stone on it and the continuous re-roaring of the mind. The more we want to erase them, the more the memories that hurt us re-emerge. Someone else says: “As a child my brother tyrannized me, and since then I always get treated badly” “But is it really so? Or are we the ones who interpret the memories according to a much more recent script, that of the poor unfortunate?

Memories are for today’s life

Let’s turn the prospect upside down: what if memories held a treasure? The soul does nothing useless, does not bring us a memory to make us feel bad or immerse ourselves in nostalgia. We don’t need to be comforted, we don’t need someone to tell us: “Poor thing, you have suffered, you do well to limp”; we need to realize that we can walk! And the soul knows it: the brain brings us memories not to trap us, but because it needs that energy, that emotion to prepare something for the future. Memories serve the future, not the past. “It occurred to me how I played as a child, I got lost in that memory and this made me come up with a lot of ideas for my job.” This is the right attitude. A memory comes: where will you take me? What do you want me to discover? Which side of me is yet to be born? And the adventure starts again.

Five steps to turn memories into energy

1) Whether the memories come out sporadically, or whether they continually present, first do not try to drive them away. If they are painful and come in like a twinge, feel the pain, welcome it, let it expand for a few seconds, thus allowing it to perform its function, which is always transformative, never punitive.

2) Do not interfere with thoughts: do not comment («Here, again», for example), do not sigh, do not snort, do not ask yourself questions and above all do not evoke causes or faults that you think are behind those facts. The causes you can see now are never the real causes: they are filtered by time, by perspectives, by a thousand other events that you cannot evaluate well. Instead, let the memory expand: you need it pure.

3) Synthesize the memory in a few significant images, which you can isolate and grow in the mind. Feel what you felt, reactivate the same emotions and the same feelings, feel the energy of that moment. Although it is negative it contains precious elements that you have not yet digested, otherwise they would not return. But they are still too rough, you have to metabolize them.

4) Think back to the situation from which you isolated those images, retrace it and start fantasizing: make it live in a different story from what happened, without recriminations or spirit of repair, just for the sake of seeing what happens, like an adventure where you can also meet fantastic characters. Continue for a few minutes, then return to your activities.

5) Occasionally recalls the adventure imagined for a few seconds, especially in the moments when you feel most in difficulty.

They come back to make you realize

Certain distant memories are a kind of coded message that the soul uses to make you find the paths that belong to you. And when they “always come back”, the inner world is reminding you that there is something that is yours alone, a journey to be undertaken that is really up to you, and that you continue to postpone. The memory is the ticket for the journey, nothing more. Getting stuck on him is like keeping an already stamped ticket in your pocket. But the train has to leave. With this exercise, you start the internal energies again and questions will soon appear: what am I leaving out in my life as authentic, spontaneous, natural? The memory is a trace, it serves to remind you that you are traveling towards your realization.

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