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After three years of silence, the collective of international hacker activists Anonymous reappeared on Sunday to line up with protesters for the death of George Floyd. In an unprecedented attack, the group of “hacktivists” took the Minneapolis and Chicago police websites out of service, and entered the latter’s radio systems to play the song “Fuck the Police”.
Anonymous has threatened to publicize more cases of police brutality at the expense of African American citizenship if there was no fair and impartial trial against Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, immortalized days ago while causing the death by suffocation of George Floyd.
“Officers who kill people and commit crimes must be accountable to justice, just like all of us. If not, they will believe they have the right to do whatever they want. ” Anonymous states in the video. “This farce has lasted far too long … people have had enough.”
On the same day, Anonymous released documents linking US President Donald Trump to the trafficking network of Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire who died suicide in mysterious circumstances in recent months. In addition to this, the group of hackers sent a warning directly to the police force: “Unfortunately we do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, and for this we will show your multiple crimes to the world. We are a legion, expect our arrival ”.
Meanwhile protests over the death of George Floyd have spread to over one hundred American cities, and there are increasing cases of clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement agencies as well as those of damage to merchants and individuals by demonstrators.
The demonstrations also extended to Washington DC: the city was burned for several hours and the crowd surrounded the White House, forcing the authorities to shut it down completely in an unprecedented gesture that also saw Trump take refuge in a very high security bunker.
The American social media have been on fire since the beginning of the protests, and the day of Monday 1 June was spent amid hoaxes regarding a communication blackout in Washington and further revelations by the Anonymous group.
Among the many voices that arose in the midst of national violence, that of George Floyd’s brother Terrence was particularly important: the man urged the protesters to stop damaging the properties because, in doing so, they are only damaging their community and worsening their quality of life when it is all over. The entire Floyd family spoke out in favor of a de-escalation of the violence of the protests, and said they were optimistic about a change to be achieved through justice and, in view of the elections, through the vote.

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