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Toasted hazelnuts, caramelized or praline: the most delicious recipes

The flavor of a protagonist, but a follower’s soul. Toasted, caramelized or minced makes no difference, the hazelnut is suitable for any dish, sweet or savory, in cakes or biscuits, eaten alone or as an accompaniment

Good, nutritious and rich in history: hazelnuts are particularly appreciated for the preparation of desserts and make the happiness of young and old. The spread of the hazel in the European continent takes place in prehistoric times, around 10 thousand years ago. In the classical period, its cultivation in the Mediterranean areas had to be rather widespread, at least giving faith to the numerous hymns and laments of love sung by shepherds and nymphs in the shade of its shrub. In ancient Rome, it was also used to give hazelnut plants to wish happiness while in France, in the same period, the plant was given to the spouses as a symbol of fertility.

Toasted and chopped hazelnuts, good for any occasion

The toasted hazelnut is ideal not only in the preparation of cakes and desserts of all kinds, but can also be a good diversion to give flavor to all dishes. Toasting them is quite simple. Shelled hazelnuts are placed on a baking sheet and placed in the oven at 200 ° for about 5-7 minutes, making sure they do not burn. Once the right browning is obtained, they are then kept in the oven off for another five minutes. Once pulled out and completely cooled, simply rub them in your hands to get the skin off and have them ready.
Good advice may be to chop them and turn them into a grain. The chopped hazelnut is, in fact, ideal to give crunchiness to your recipes. It combines with equal ease to first courses, fish and meat. Particularly tasty can be the combination with gorgonzola and spinach for a sauce with an intense and refined taste, at the same time easy and quick to cook. The preparation takes place on two different levels: on one side spinach should be boiled and chopped; on the other hand, gorgonzola cubes should be melted in a bain-marie. Then the cream obtained is added to the cream and – once the mixture has been carefully mixed – the toasted hazelnuts, properly chopped. Finally, the spinach, made to wither with extra virgin olive oil, is mixed with the cream and cooked for a minute over a high flame with the chosen pasta. Recommended pairing with tagliatelle, but the sauce is so tasty that it goes well with any type of pasta.

Caramelized and praline hazelnuts, recipes for happiness

Hazelnuts, water, and sugar to mix carefully on a non-stick pan. Three ingredients and about 10 minutes are enough to have happiness at hand. The only tips are to pay close attention to cooking the sugar, perhaps turning off the heat once it has coagulated, making sure that it condenses around our hazelnuts before finishing cooking. For the sweet tooth in the pralining you can add a few tablespoons of bitter cocoa or you can dip them in melted chocolate.
Just a small portion of caramelized hazelnuts (or praline) to make peace with your childish soul and rediscover that crunchy flavor long ago on the street, between the amusement park rides or at a fair, embraced by the unmistakable smell of cotton candy.

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