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To overcome fear, you need to understand where it comes from

We also admit that fear is often present in many of us. But have you ever wondered where the fear comes from? And how can you welcome it since it could be useful to you?

Let’s take the example of the earthquake which is an unpredictable event. At the moment when the earthquake arrives we cannot intervene in the moment because we find ourselves helpless, but instead we can learn to manage fear.
To do this we must be able to be present to ourselves, an attitude that – in the event of an earthquake – could also save our lives.

Can we face our fears calmly? Could it be the fear of the earthquake or any other event?

The greatest fear

There are many fears: the fear of flying and that of public speaking, of being alone or of being judged, the fear of being abandoned and that of not liking … in short, from the fear of not being enough to drive alone , we live in a panicked world!

But surely one of the greatest fears is that of losing something: material goods, loved ones and almost always one’s life. In fact, even today our greatest fear is that of death, but when we become aware of our true essence, even leaving the body will only take on a role of passage (like birth) and no longer loss and pain for something that ends.

We will be able to see that everything follows precise laws (such as that of karma or resonance) and consequently develop a more responsible attitude since we now understand that it is the consciousness that manifests itself through us, that we are the architects of our lives.

The soul is not afraid

I understand very well the panic sensation that assails you that prevents you from being present, I also experienced it when I was about to drown in the pool.
The good news is that fear is an emotion, and as such we can manage it, but to do this we must learn to no longer be slaves to our mind, or simply we must find out who we really are.

The mind, more precisely the brain of a lizard, is intended to warn us of danger in order to immediately find the way out. So fear is a fundamental instinct and in a context of survival it can save our lives.
The problem arises when fear dominates our life and no longer concerns the survival of the body.

To face our fears, the work to be done is more interior, centering and reconnecting with our true essence. When we become aware that we are soul and not the mind, we change perspective and we see situations, which previously frightened us, like challenges to be faced or blocks to be dissolved, in short, a message for our evolution.

Where does fear come from?

  • The root of fear comes from attachment. We often put our happiness in things, people and situations and attach ourselves so much to them that the fear of losing them affects our lives. Greed and attachment are the roots of fear and suffering.
  • Fear develops with unawareness. Not being aware of ourselves and the laws that regulate life makes us feel displaced, without centering. We need to have a travel map to orient ourselves and become aware of ourselves. Fear arises when there is no clarity.
  • The “system” that distributes fear. If we cannot get out of the manipulation of the society in which we live, through a process of awareness, we will remain slaves of the mental programs that “the system” uses consciously to exploit the population. A frightened person can be manipulated, a free and conscious person, no. Wake Up!

How to deal with fear

  • To be present. When you live in the present moment you are at peace. On the other hand, when the mind is projected towards the future, anxiety and fear of tomorrow begin to arise. Then bring your attention back “here and now” and you will immediately realize that tomorrow does not exist, there is only one eternal now.
  • Inner cleaning. Within us, in our unconscious, there is a lot of accumulated garbage which we must lighten. Mental patterns, emotional blockages, unresolved traumas, etc … We begin to observe them and then let them go. A transformation that begins with accepting and loving each other as we are.
  • Courage and trust. There is no danger, it is only the mind that is deceiving you. Fear must be accepted and faced serenely, then it dissolves. There is no reason to be afraid, be brave and have unconditional trust. The only thing to do is find the courage to open up to fear, then everything will seem “normal” and you will not understand why you were so afraid.

Returning to the fear of the earthquake …

Thus, when the earthquake shock comes, the emotion of fear that assails us also arrives. Being able to be present and not panic, there and then may not be easy, it is something that we can not do in that moment of total block, so we begin to prepare in time with the right inner work.

Don’t fight the fear, watch it and thank her because she’s showing you your limits. Bless your fears and know that you created it to learn how to overcome them.

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