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Tik Tok banned in America: Trump prepares the law decree

Tik Tok banned in America and other countries. The charge is that of espionage against the West and endangers the nations. Find out more.

News of a few hours ago, the President of the United States Donald Trump is preparing the law decree to ban Tik Tok. The concern of the Tycoon is that the Chinese secret services use it to endanger the country’s security.

The President would like to force ByteDance to sell the social network to Microsoft. According to the New York Times, negotiations with Microsoft are also in an advanced stage.

Tik Tok banned in America: what are the reasons?

The Chinese social network is under investigation by Cfius, the agency that deals with giving guarantees that foreign investments do not represent national risks. In recent weeks, US experts have expressed concern. The social platform could be used by Beijing to harm the United States.

It would not be the only country that would have expressed dissent. Since June 30 it has been banned in India: it was placed among the 59 Chinese applications blocked by New Delhi.

Even Pakistan, a conservative Muslim country, recently issued an ultimatum to eliminate “obscene and immoral” content from the platform. Australia is also considering banning the Chinese video sharing platform.

However, a few days ago, Tik Tok made a commitment to ensure a high level of transparency and allow control of its algorithms. “We are not politicians, we do not accept political advertising and we do not have an agenda,” TikTok chief Kevin Mayer said Wednesday. “The entire industry is under scrutiny, and rightly so. Due to the Chinese origins of the company, we are subjected to an even closer examination. We accept it and accept the challenge, ”he said.

The alternative is the sale of shares to Microsoft

Donald Trump’s decree requires ByteDance to sell all of its stakes in Tik Tok, the ones it acquired in 2016. At this point, Bill Gates’ antennas have risen. In fact, Microsoft intends to buy the social media which has about 800 million registered users.

It is not known exactly at what stage the negotiations between the IT giant and ByteDance have advanced but the decree put in place by the White House could speed up the negotiations.

And it’s not even known if other tech companies are involved.

Tik Tok was born in 2014, two years before it was purchased by the Chinese company based in Beijing with a market value of over $ 110 million. In addition to some hacker attacks, Trump seems to be concerned about possible national security risks. Although the company has two offices in the States: one in New York and the other in Los Angeles.

The Tycoon also feared the possibility that the platform could have the same treatment as Huawei. We refer to the inclusion in the “black list” of the Department of Commerce where there are other companies suspected of wanting to spy on the West through the creation of 5G networks.

Australia: Scott Morrison also plans to ban Tik Tok

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the ocean government is also paying attention to the operation of the platform. If necessary, the Canberra government could intervene, proving itself in line with the White House.

Even Anonymous himself has shown his qualms about it, warning users through Twitter. “Cancel TikTok immediately, and if you know someone who uses it, explain to him that it is a malware managed by the Chinese government as part of a gigantic mass espionage operation”, wrote the activist hackers on the social network, giving visibility to a post of Reddit in which an engineer explains all the pitfalls that lie in the code of the app.

In addition, some users found that in the beta version of iOS 14 TikTok could secretly access users’ notes.

Conspiracies? Economics interests? Political strategies? We cannot say exactly what the reasons are for this fury for which Tik Tok should be banned. The only certainty is that this news is going around the world.

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