The Umbrella Academy season 2

The second season of The Umbrella Academy will arrive on Netflix on July 31st. The series is based on a comic book of the same name created by Gerard Way frontman and founder of My Chemical Romance with a passion for comics.

Here is the guide to get ready and know everything before watching this new TV series.

The Umbrella Academy – The second season

There are no details on the plot of the second season but only a date and a video announcement in which the protagonists have recreated in their homes the iconic scene of the first season, in which they unleash on the notes “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany .

The Umbrella Academy – The Plot

On the same day in 1989 43 women gave birth to 43 children suddenly, without being pregnant until a few moments before the birth of the children. Seven of these children are adopted by the billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves who grows them together with a robot mom and an assistant monkey.

Sir Reginald thus created the Umbrella Academy an academy destined to develop the extraordinary powers of these children and prepare them to save the world. The boys after the first carefree years under the rigid guidance of the “father”, separate and the remaining six will meet 30 years after the death of Sir Reginald.

Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Vanya and Number Five (who fled into the future before their mother could name them) will work together, despite the differences, to find out the truth about their father’s death and save the world from an impending catastrophe.

The Umbrella Academy – The cast and the characters

Ellen Page is Vanya – Number Seven, violinist, the only family member to have no powers and for this reason she has always felt marginalized.

Tom Hopper is Luther – Number One, his power is super-strength, he has enormous muscle (the origin of which will be explained during the episodes) and at the beginning of the series we find him on the moon

Robert Sheehan is Klaus – Number Four, a drug addict capable of communicating with the dead who uses substances to avoid constantly feeling the spirits.

Emmy Raver-Lampan is Allison – Number Three, becoming an actress she has the ability to manipulate reality with her own voice by making others believe the existence of things that do not exist

David CastaƱeda is Diego – Number Two has the ability to control knives, has become a sort of comic book hero, lone warrior and outlaw

Aidan Gallagher is Number Five the time traveler, turned back child to help save the world

Mary J. Blige is Cha-Cha murderer on commission, travels for time in the service of a company that supervises space-time checking that everything that must happen happens

Cameron Britton is Hazel the partner of Cha-Cha

John Magaro is Leonard Peabody mysterious boyfriend of Vanya

Kate Walsh is The Handler

The Umbrella Academy – The Comment

Modern, contemporary and absolutely current, The Umbrella Academy embodies the new generation of heroes built at home by Netflix waiting to see more classic heroes like Marvel migrate to other platforms. The protection of the family, like an umbrella that covers on gloomy days, saves the world and the individual, even when the sky is grayer, the house and the family are the ideal protective place. Obviously not without problems.

In the ten episodes of Umbrella Academy we see all the stages of growth and evolution of the different characters, those who start thinking more about themselves, those who find in others the strength to get back into the game, those who understand the value of the community. Each character is exaggerated, extreme, visually identifiable by its main characteristics as is expected in a comic.

In all of this, however, Umbrella Academy shuns banality and, while not lacking in defects, takes impervious roads, inserts unexpected elements that point by point increase the desire to continue the vision. Robert Shenan, while remaining caged in the classic looser character he brings with him from Misfits, is the impossible, extreme and fun element of the whole series, every scene in which he is present lightens thanks to his own joke, but far from being only the comic element to Nando Martellone (and the Boris fans know what I’m talking about), his Klaus ends up being also the most human brother, the truest character.

Unforgettable the appearance of Kate Walsh as The Handler, but you can’t add more without going through the spoiler.

Surely The Umbrella Academy leaves many things unresolved, from the remaining children born on that day, to the families of these 7 in fact taken from nowhere, has moments of tiredness and other situations that are not at all innovative between widespread romanticism, extreme situations that can hardly surprise the most attentive spectator. But perhaps in this fallacy of his lies the most effective element of the whole series.

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