The Umbrella Academy – season 2: an explanation of the finale

The Umbrella Academy is back on Netflix with a second surprising season, in which the story of the Hargreeves family finds new lifeblood, with a process of growth of the series that gives it a consolidated maturity and a greater narrative depth, in which the characters find a defined structure and the story develops by exploring further fields of action. The ten episodes flow in a constant crescendo of adrenaline and emotions, until reaching a final load of surprising pathos and implications, which opens the way to a possible (and probable) third season. Let’s recap what happens in the final of The Umbrella Academy 2.

1. What triggers the apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy – Season 2?

In the ten days preceding 25 November 1963, Cinque and the other brothers attempt to recompose the picture of the events that will lead to the new apocalypse. It is Diego who discovered, through the Commission’s time frame, that the event that triggered the nuclear war – or the explosion in the FBI building in Dallas during President Kennedy’s procession – was not caused by the USSR, blamed instead of terrorist attack by the US, but it was caused by Vanya. What the US has taken as a pretext to start a nuclear war that will then lead to the end of the world is instead the consequence of the detention of Vanya – captured while trying to escape with Sissy – by the US secret services, which subjected her to electric shock torture, believing her to be a Soviet agent. This shock triggered the surge of energy from the girl’s powers, which destroyed the FBI headquarters.

Once he saw this fate, Diego reunited with the other brothers to try to preventively stop his sister’s destructive power. It is Ben, who came out of Klaus’ body, to be able to stop her, reaching her, entering inside her and making her understand how much she is now supported by all the brothers and can count on them to improve things. This is how it dissolves, remained in a semi-living state for too long, to disappear definitively reaching the afterlife serenely, after having last shown affection for Vanya.

2. What happens to Harlan and why?

Vanya entered a mental connection with little Harlan while saving him from drowning in the lake and we discover that he involuntarily transmitted his own powers to the child, who finds himself in a sort of catatonic state in which he repeats the name of Vanya, alarming the his parents. It is at that point that Karl decides to take the boy to a specialist clinic for children with problems, loading him into the car against the will of Sissy, who – frightened by the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnever having her son back – tries to stop him with a rifle . When a fight occurs between the two of them – with the father taking possession of the rifle – and a blow towards Harlan starts, this automatically releases an energetic reaction that deflects the bullet causing it to go to Karl, killing him. This triggers an irrepressible reaction in the boy, who gives off a circle of devastating energy, equal to that of Vanya, becoming uncontrollable. The brothers of the Umbrella Academy reach the Sissy farm, where in the barn they find Harlan unable to control his powers. Vanya eventually comes into contact with him and thus manages to reabsorb his powers by ending the devastation caused by the boy.

3. Who is Lila and how does the battle between The Handler and the brothers of the Umbrella Academy end?

Handler and Lila join the brothers of the Umbrella Academy and deploy the whole army of hired killers of the Commission against them, with the intention of eliminating them forever. The result is a very heated battle, where the members of the Commission are wiped out by Vanya, while Handler and Lila remain alive protected by a beam of energy created by the girl, who therefore reveals that she also has supernatural powers. Lila fights with her brothers, manifesting her powers out of the ordinary, while Handler tries to enter the barn to take Harlan and take him with him, since this is his real plan, more than revenge against the Umbrella Academy.

Lila – whose ability is probably to absorb and replicate the power of others, which she does both with Vanya and Allison and Luther – clashes strongly with Cinque, who reveals to her that he was the one who killed his parents on the orders of Handler, making them understand together with Diego that she had hitherto manipulated her in order to take her with her and exploit her powers. Handler then shoots the Hargreeves and Lila – who has now realized that she has been cheated by Handler – but the woman is killed by the arrival of the last surviving Swede. Cinque uses, with his latest strength – despite his injuries – his time traveler power, to return a few moments earlier, stopping Handler before he kills them and making sure that she alone succumbs at the hands of the Swede. The latter then leaves, thus showing that his revenge was aimed at Handler and not at the Umbrella Academy. Lila suddenly takes Handler’s briefcase and flees over time, while Vanya reaches Harlan and stops him taking back his powers.

4. How did the story end in the 1960s for the protagonists of The Umbrella Academy – Season 2?

Taking advantage of one of the commissioner’s suitcases, the brothers opened a space-time gap to return in 2019, ending their stay in the 1960s. Allison thus writes a letter to Ray, where she says that their relationship has changed her and made her feel good, but that is not her place; Vanya proposes to Sissy – given their relationship – to go in 2019 with her also bringing Harlan, but she does not feel like accepting it, since Vanya cannot give her guarantees that the future will reserve a world of greater acceptance and justice; while mom and son leave we see how Harlan actually still has powers that she secretly uses in the back of the car by making a toy float; meanwhile the Swede joins the new hippie sect founded by Klaus, from which the latter has now untied himself to reunite with the family; Klaus holds Dave’s medal, who enlisted for the war, thus showing how Klaus has failed to dissuade him from his intent; Diego is in love with Lila and hopes to find her again; Luther telephones his boss in the 1960s Jack Ruby, who does not answer and picks up a gun while listening to the news on Kennedy’s death. We sense this is the moment when Ruby sets out to kill Onwald, the assassin of the President.

5. What has happened to the Commission?

Handler had made an agreement with Cinque to give him a briefcase that would bring him back with his brothers in 2019, in exchange for the fact that he would exterminate all the members of the Commission’s board of directors who had dismissed her from her management role. Cinque had accepted by fulfilling his mission, but was deceived by Handler, who had omitted the narrow period of time necessary to complete the journey, making it in fact impossible. With the council gone, Handler takes control of the Commission, however creating a lot of turmoil and discontent within the organization. A group of officials gives birth to the Resistance, and these – after Handler’s death – entrust the presidency of the Commission to the mild agent Herb, indicating how this will continue in its existence also in the future, but also having to find new agents, being the previous states exterminated by Vanya in the final fight.

6. Who are the Majestic 12 and who is Reginald Hargreeves really?

The Majestic 12s are a secret seven made up of influential scientists, military and economists who form a kind of shadow government, which occultly influences political power and which Kennedy was about to make public. 11 members have been identified, but Cinque and Diego conclude that their father, Reginald Hargreeves, must be the missing member, due to the connection he appears to have with the conspiracy against Kennedy. After the assassination of Kennedy – which occurred using a masked double of Reginald in order to confuse Diego and lead him to stop the wrong man – Hargreeves meets the conspirators, who admit that they orchestrated the assassination to prevent the President from unmasking their organization . However Reginald is extremely upset by this, saying that he had always said that Kennedy should not be touched. Upon hearing this, the other members threatened to reveal his true identity if he did not continue to provide them with advanced technologies. At this point, Hargreeves removes his human skin from his face – revealing the fact that it was a mask – making him guess his alien identity and probably killing everyone present.

7. What happens in the final scene of The Umbrella Academy – Season 2?

Once embarked on the journey to return in 2019, the brothers of the Umbrella Academy return to April 2 of that year – the day after the apocalypse, which evidently have foiled and has not occurred – within what they believe to be still their home. However, they soon realize that things are no longer as before. Their actions in the past have also changed the future, making sure that what they had lived in the previous timeline no longer exists in the same form and that the world they find themselves in is the consequence of what they did in the 1960s. In fact, they find Reginald still alive, probably mindful of their meeting in the 1960s where he was told that he would create an academy of boys with special powers, and they also find Ben alive. At that moment some boys appear and it is revealed that the Umbrella Academy does not exist but the Sparrow Academy now exists, formed by a new group of brothers who do not recognize them and who are the new “children” of Reginald.

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