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The truth behind premonitory dreams

Have you ever had a déjà vu?

The feeling of having lived that moment before has already happened to many people and often it feels like the memory of a dream.

Some say it’s bullshit or just a mind-altered memory, as if the brain changes a memory to resemble the present, and gives us the impression that we have experienced it before.

Since the brain actually changes some memories, this explanation is even possible.

However, sometimes people’s experience is very strong and it would be difficult for anyone who has already experienced it.

Furthermore, premonitory dreams do not always come as déjà vu, but in the form of a warning or prophecy.

What would be the explanation for this? Sue Llewellyn, a professor at the University of Manchester in the UK, found an answer.

The subconscious identifies many patterns that our conscious does not notice and when it detects some that need to be more attentive, it alerts you in the form of a dream or a nightmare. Often, these dreams are repeated on a few different nights of sleep, as a brain strategy to show that those dream images are important. This is one of the explanations for certain premonitory dreams.

However, the Manchester University professor found another one.

Just as in the case of the previous explanation, he wanted to leave aside the mysticism involved in dreams, he wanted to embrace rational thinking and truly understand people’s premonitory dreams.

After trying the volunteers, he found that they do.

The teacher’s research was based on the fact that the brain constructs a succession of certain events and participants for the dream. Situations are often very specific and even absurd, things that we could not imagine with our conscience. For Sue Llewellyn, this construction depends on how the brain is formed and how it works, as it doesn’t just receive information but interpret it and look for patterns.

After the research, the teacher concluded that the sleep phase in which dreams occur is key to the brain’s ability to identify patterns. At that time, the brain connects thoughts and ideas in parallel between different moments in life, often giving continuity to them.

As the subconscious processes far more information than the conscious, it creates connections that, if they come out of your head, look at you and explain slowly, would still be difficult to understand. So when you connect everything and realize there is a continuum of events you should know, it shows you everything through dreams. And, as we all know, it often ends up striking.

This doesn’t explain all the types of déjà vu and premonitory dreams that people describe, but it is a scientific basis for most of them. The truth is that human capabilities are still difficult to fully understand, but new research is being done daily for this. Will we ever really understand our brains?

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