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The truth about the horoscope

In the third century BC the Greeks began to predict not only the course of events, but also the fate of each individual based on the positions of the planets and constellations, precisely the horoscope. Although a long time has passed since then, even today for astrology (which is not a science, attention) the conformation of the sky at the time of birth can influence the life of the individual. For psychologists who study the phenomenon, the possibility of “knowing” a person through the characteristics generically attributed to his sign, common to many other people, is very reassuring, because there is always a little comfort in knowing that there is something bigger than you to explain your character. But having said that, why did I write FAKE? Let’s say that the catch in the modern horoscope is in the way in which the zodiac signs are attributed, or based on the date of birth: the correct way (wanting to believe it) would be to look at the constellation that is behind the Sun, seen from Earth, on the day you come into the world. During the year the relative position between Earth and Sun changes, and consequently also the apparent position of the Sun with respect to the constellations changes, and with it the reference sign in the different periods of the year. Unfortunately, those who invented the game a few millennia ago did not know all this. When I was born, for example, the Sun passed in front of the constellation of Aries, yet according to astrologers my sign is still Cancer, as it would have been in the time of Hammurabi. And so, those born between 30 November and 18 December today should be Ofiuch (the constellation represented by Apollo holding a large snake in his hands), a sign present in the horoscope of the ancient Greeks, which however is not contemplated by the modern one. So to close, leaving aside various ridiculous astrology, you are very free to believe the horoscope of Fox or the various Instagram pages, but know that your true zodiac sign is most likely not what you think you have. I think it is appropriate to inform that friend of yours who is obsessed with the horoscope

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