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The tricks to stay calm when everything goes wrong

If the period is one of those full of stress, follow these simple tips to manage the most difficult situations and get out reinforced

It’s not always all right in life. Indeed, there are often times when everything seems to go wrong. Suffering and pain are part of the existence of each of us. What changes from one person to another is how we deal with difficulties. Stress can prove to be an ally if well managed.

There are moments in the life of each of us in which we think that everything is rowing against us, that nothing is going well and that the situation cannot improve. These are times when you have to confront yourself to find the right way out. There is always a way to overcome periods no, what matters is how you deal with them.

The best way to combat stress in these situations is to think of negative circumstances as an opportunity, to feel tempered in the mind and body. Several researches, in fact, show how stress can have repercussions not only on a psychological but also physical level. Precisely for this reason, we cannot allow him to take over.

A study by the University of Berkeley, California, shows how positive being under pressure can be within certain limits: the brain is stimulated to create new cells responsible for improving memory and cognitive processes. At the same time, however, if the stress is prolonged and constant, the situation is reversed and the ability to regenerate new cells is canceled.

How to react to the most difficult circumstances is up to us alone. Building on emotions, even negative ones, is a way to go on, day after day and get out stronger.

One of the most obvious, but also most useful tricks is to be able to carve out time for yourself. Being reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week does nothing but keep you in a constant state of alert, increasing the level of stress even in the moments when you should unplug it. Instead, it is important to learn how to manage your time. Try to give yourself a few moments of relaxation, turning off the phone and being alone with a good book or a walk in the open air, to refresh body and spirit.

It is impossible to live an existence without difficulties or moments of crisis. What matters, however, is knowing how to manage them without being overwhelmed by events. We must accept reality for what it is and react. Like? Trying to stay calm in the face of the weather and finding the cue to derive something positive from the negative experience you are facing. It is not easy, but always better than continuing to despair because life is not perfect as we would have liked.

You cannot expect your life to change overnight, nor can you be sad and depressed in the evening and happy the next morning. What you are experiencing is a path of growth and as such it must be tackled one step at a time, day after day. You have to be constant, to know that there will be falls, but that everything is overcome in some way and that getting up, in the end, gives much more satisfaction than letting go and being carried away by events.

We must learn to demand less and to look around. True, there are those who are better off than you, but there are also many people who are worse off. The secret is to observe yourself from the outside, with other eyes. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life will help you find the incentive to move forward. This does not mean that we must resign ourselves, but that in the most difficult moment we must cling to what is positive already in order to improve ourselves.

Everything is passing through. Even after the worst of storms the sun returns. It happens in nature and also happens in life. Nothing lasts forever. And this applies to both good and bad things. It is important to keep this in mind when you are led to think that the negative moment will last forever. You can never know what the future holds for you. For this you need to know how to enjoy the good times and be able to see even the most difficult situations in the right perspective.

It seems trivial, but happiness calls happiness. If you remain optimistic and you can see the glass half full even in the most tragic of situations, you will be the first to benefit from your enthusiasm. Finding the bright side at times is not easy – if not impossible – but you don’t need a specific reason to stay calm. Being positive must be a strategy, not a solution. And you will see that in doing so you will discover that you have an extra strength that you never even imagined you had.

Finally, a practical tip. Cut down on caffeine. Drinking coffee (or similar substances) stimulates the release of adrenaline. This substance, in nature, develops in response to a danger, as a defense mechanism to respond to a dangerous or threatening situation. It can have positive effects when it is necessary for the body to give an immediate response to a certain stimulus, but it is not useful in the long run. Keeping the brain and body in constant alertness is not good and amplifies emotions, even negative ones.

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