The Technological Advance

Scientific and technological progress has now reached a remarkable development. It has brought about considerable improvements in human life, but it has also caused an alteration of the natural balance, the effects of which could be catastrophic in the near future. Analyze these two aspects and conclude by expressing your opinion on the problem.

History teaches us that man has never stopped his technological-scientific advance. At the beginning he did not have any of the comforts we know today: our ancestors warmed themselves with the bodies of others and covered themselves with animal skins. From this state they then moved on to using fire; from the fire it was understood that it was better to take shelter in the caves, from the caves we moved on to clothes, from clothes to bronze, to iron, to steel, to then slowly get to building buildings, skyscrapers and machines.
All this, in my opinion, is quite natural, because it is in the human soul to try to make life as comfortable as possible: let’s not forget that the human being is the only being who has no natural protections, unlike animals. , which are equipped with scales, tusks and natural armor, which make them suitable for living in their habitat, even in the wildest one. Man, on the contrary, is fragile and weak and for this reason he must try to balance this “natural lack” with his intelligence that allows him to build and invent new things as well as to model the surrounding environment to his needs.

Through his intelligence, man created from nothing what was lacking by nature: something that would help him move quickly, something that made him fly, that allowed him to eat what nature gave him and something that protected his skin. fragile from bad weather and from enemies.

We could say that our life is filling up more and more with useless, superfluous and exaggeratedly comfortable things (despite this we are pleased) and like everything that is filled too much, it will end up exploding.

Unfortunately, modernization is not equally divided in the world: technological innovations do not concern the whole planet, there are many places (Africa, for example), where the population does not live in the technological well-being of which we, more fortunate, enjoy every day. As in all things, even in the technological field, excesses are harmful: too much technology is harmful, just as its complete absence is harmful. Just think of the increase in tumor risk factors due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, or the increase in cardiovascular diseases due to overeating combined with a sedentary lifestyle.

On the other hand, I also fear that the growth and technological poverty in our globe is proportional: the more one part of the world will become technologized, the more the opposite part will fall into “total abandonment”.

As for me, I find technology to be good. I am sincere, I would not be able to live without so many comforts of the world to which I belong. I would probably not be able to do without a mobile phone, computer, discos, cars or many other things.

I am happy to have been born in this part of the world and to be able to enjoy the good that is made available to me and many times I think that in a few years I will see the technology I now use grow exponentially and that seems to me already so advanced.

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