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The story of _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9: the terrifying mystery of Reddit

“And it wasn’t until after trying it for the first time that the kids got an idea of what was ‘on the other side’.”

“They crawl up the volcanic rocks of the mountain with their bare hands as the sunlight falls on them. It is a grueling climb but the island hides a secret that it does not want to reveal.

They approach the man at the top of the mountain pointing him against the rifles. He is completely unarmed. His body appears fragmented, like an image in a broken mirror, its separate parts float in the air, the sky illuminates them, the blood of the organs shines in a bright red. The head floats like a balloon much higher than the rest of the body.

‘Hi America,’ greets his head with a perverse smile, bloodshot eyes and sweat running down his face. “

What you have just read has been posted by an anonymous Redditor under an innocent photo of a guy posing with a huge battleship built with LEGO.

Since he created his account a few days ago, the mysterious user _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9 has commented random content on Reddit leaving disturbing messages: short and scary science fiction stories. In a short time, his posts, which suggest a Lovecraft emulator, have captured the attention of a growing number of users.

As happens with every mystery that involves the Reddit community, many try to interpret the stories of 9M9H9E9 by grouping the last letters in an attempt to find a secret code or elaborating complex theories on the identity of their author.

Reading a few comments about 9M9H9E9, you will come across long discussions about meat interfaces (and here I get a shiver down my spine), LSD and creepy war anecdotes. These stories are reminiscent of the creepypasta stories or the stories of the SCP Foundation, a community born from the / x / paranormal discussion board of 4chan. All those references to lost cosmonauts, the Russian sleep experiment, the Hungarian serial killer Elizabeth Báthory (or “The Blood Countess”) and the macabre Soviet metropolitan legends seem tailor-made for their readers.

Some of the characters sketched by the mysterious author range from a Japanese scientist who tries to commit suicide after taking too much LSD to an American soldier who discovers something revolting in a tunnel built by the Vietcong, from a marine who dies in Iwo Jima to a member of the Manson Family that enters a “giant space pussy” up to what is perhaps the most macabre of all: a child whose mother has been replaced by an avatar assembled with parts of dried animals.

As The Verge pointed out, 9M9H9E9 seems to describe a “disturbing alternative world” to which he gains access through portals created by his mind. In a sort of manifesto directed to other Reddit users that has now been canceled. The author called himself an “American male in his early thirties” and admitted rather explicitly to abuse of substances. In the message he mentioned probable psychosis, but remaining true to his part, he also insisted that his writings are based on facts that really happened to him.

As for meat interfaces, 9M9H9E9 expressed itself in this way: “obviously I cannot define the purposes and the nature of meat interfaces. I can only tell the various phenomena that involve them. First of all, the creation of an area in which objects spontaneously break down; in other words, certain parts disappear, but these continue to behave as if the missing parts were still present. “

The user of Reddit HotGrilledSpaec suggested that a meat interface could actually be a body that has experienced “gnosis”, that is, the expansion of the mind produced by an experience that allows consciousness to transcend the physical body. Psychedelic drugs can provoke mystical experiences analogous to the concept of gnosis, and perhaps exactly what 9M9H9E9 refers to.

My colleague Sébastien Wesolowski of Motherboard France has noticed that some Redditors believe that the author is a member of r / DigitalCartel – a group of paranoid users who spend time basking in conspiracy theories and psychedelic substances. 9M9H9E9 has been compared to one of the most prolific participants of that subreddit, such Anatta-Phi, who has done nothing but fuel the rumor that the two are somehow connected.

There are an infinite number of alternative theories. A dedicated subreddit and the history of 9M9H9E9’s comments on Genius are two good starting points for those who feel in the mood to wear a tinfoil hat and look for strange hidden meanings.

But there is something really suspicious. The original subreddit dedicated to the discussion of user posts, r / 9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9, has been blocked by its moderators. In the past few hours several messages have popped up on the page, and according to the Reddit SquirtingTortoise user, for a while the page was redirecting to subreddit pro Bernie Sanders and pro Donald Trump, but I was unable to verify it personally.

At one point, a message appeared in the subreddit that some users interpreted as a cipher: “We need lisense. To continue, more followers will be trainned. Ideas can be assasinated to. There are no coroborators to the flow. Sometime there are accidents. oter times there are meracles. in for a fennig, out for a pound. “

At the moment, the subreddit only says “The End” and refers to a pastebin in morse code. Translating the morse code into binary, he says: “the horse’s eye (yellow sand) is leaving everyone nervously contemplating eating dark mother eggs.” Holy shit.

There is no evidence of ciphers or codes in the history of 9M9H9E9, and it makes no sense that he was the one who compromised the subreddit. Some users accuse the creator of the subreddit of playing gamejacking on r / 9MOTHER9HORSES9EYES9 and are trying to find out the identity of the anonymous user.

Obviously, the whole thing could be an elaborate advertising campaign commissioned by some major brand. It is not the first time that Reddit goes into fixation for a disturbing video or that a brand decides to infiltrate some platform to push its products. I’m just hoping it’s not a viral marketing campaign for a startup that produces nootropic substances.

We still don’t know if there is a single person or many behind 9M9H9E9. Maybe someone is just taking advantage of the natural propensity of Reddit users to solve mysteries and delight in the paranormal, modeling for them an intriguing story full of strange riddles that will ultimately lead nowhere.

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