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“The soul and the dance” – Paul Valéry

“Soul and Dance” by Paul Valéry was published in France in 1923.
The work is written in imitation of Platonic dialogues and represents three characters: Socrates, Phaedrus and Doctor Eryximachus, united in an “incessant feast”, disquisiscono the relationship between dance and beauty, dance and poetry, dance and love.
Life is a dancing woman.

Socrates says, the poet in this dialogue, the alliance and its indefinable meaning, creates music for a body in continuous vital change.
In this work, Valery reflects the beneficial, healthy and intoxicating influence that the dance performance awakens the soul of the viewer. About the dance coincides with the dance itself, without the possibility of distinction, when it is unable to grasp and experience in itself the Absolute and its presence.
In their philosophical dialogue, the three characters, come to a conclusion: the dance leads to the truth and is the guardian of beauty.
In this work, Valéry presents himself as a philosopher-poet and expresses the conception according to which the body is the first thought of reason, so that dance appears as the most adequate mode of expression of being, becoming ” absolute attestation, original moment of thought “.
Dancing means fusion of physical, psychic and spiritual dimensions, the expression of a unique reality, thus becoming a symbol, the coherent expression of all the elements of the person. For the dance is ecstatic Valéry, moving in the present from a daily time to time capable of “making the eternal present.”


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