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The Society and I Am not Okay with This canceled from Netflix due to… Coronavirus

Surprisingly, Netflix cancels both The Society and the teen dramedy I Am Not Okay With This after just one season for reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic. If in the first phase of the pandemic when broadcasters found themselves without episodes ready, the cable channels postponed departures to avoid being discovered, Netflix had its backs covered given the amount of ready-made titles, now that we must start again the difficulties begin to emerge. .

The studios find themselves having to deal with budgets that must provide an extra voice linked to the security measures for the spread of Covid-19. They also have to extend the contracts of the actors to keep them still under contract and tied to the projects and they have to restart the sets. By balancing all this, of course, even a platform like Netflix has to do the so-called “servant accounts”. On the one hand, the great titles like Lucifer, Stranger Things and the like must be kept as long as possible (and not surprisingly so out of nowhere the Duffer brothers in recent days have ensured that Stranger Things will continue beyond the fourth season), as well as others who they can be shot easily and with reduced staff (Dead to Me, Grace and Frankie just to name two).

Those catalog titles, useful to the algorithm, appreciated and seen but which do not bring waves of public, can be replaced by similar but “new” titles. And a new title means starting from scratch with contracts, locations, new costs and not maintenance costs.

The Society and I Am Not Okay With This ended up in this vice. The first formally already renewed, with the sets ready before the pandemic and therefore blocked due to the difficulty of starting again, of keeping such a vast cast tied to a project that no one knows when it can be shot. The second has been unofficially renovated, as reported by deadline, with scripts being written and ready to go into production.

In a statement Netflix explained that it was a difficult decision “We are sorry to have to make these decisions for problems created by Covid”, then thanking all the parties involved. This decision shows us how no one is safe and how it probably causes a pandemic we are (finally) entering a phase of contraction in production after years of dizzying explosion.

Shocked the fans and cast of The Society with star Kathryn Newton who said she was proud by posting a photo of the whole cast and in a video she said she was “shocked… it was a punch in the stomach. But that’s the way things go from time to time, we don’t have control over everything ”.

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