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The Selection: the Kiera Cass saga becomes a Netflix movie

The dystopian saga of Kiera Cass, The Selection will become a Netflix film directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour. Find out all the details here.

After years of unsuccessful attempts, the dystopian saga of Kiera Cass, The Selection will become a film and will be available on streaming on Netflix.

With more than eleven million copies sold worldwide and published in forty countries, it is now finally official: America and Maxon will come to life in a film.

The Selection becomes a Netflix movie

The film will be based on the first volume of the five-book saga of the same name by Kiera Cass, The Selection released in April 2012, and will arrive on the Netflix streaming platform.

Already in the year of its publication, the American broadcaster CW had bought the rights to transform the story into a television series that would have seen Aimee Teegarden (Cold Case, Hannah Montana, Ned – Survival School) in the role of the protagonist. Filming however never went beyond Pilot, and the same happened with the next attempt that saw Michael Malarkey (Enzo in The Vampire Diaries) in the role of Maxon and Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin, Reign) in the role of America. Warner Bros also took action to bring the characters of Kiera Cass to life, this time with the intent of transforming the story into a feature film, but even in this case things did not go well.

Now Netflix has decided to take the situation in hand, satisfying all the fans still waiting to see their literary darlings on the screen. The film will be directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, the first female director in Saudi Arabia, who has already worked on films known as: The green bicycle in 2012 (which won her the “best foreign film” award at BAFTA 2014) and Mary Shelley – Immortal love in 2017.

Denise Di Novi, Margaret French Isaac and Pouya Shahbazian (Divergent) will produce the film.

The names that will take part in the cast of the highly anticipated film have not yet been announced, as well as the release date on Netflix.

What is The Selection about?

The novel is set in a dystopian future, defaced by hunger and war, in which the prince heir to the throne decides to choose his wife through a reality show, among the 35 girls selected to move to the castle. For many of the participants, being chosen for selection is a unique opportunity, which could save them from a miserable fate made of hunger and suffering, to catapult them into a better future, but for America Singer, a girl of lower social class, things they are different. She already has someone to love outside the majestic palace in which she is now forced to live, but she will soon find herself divided between the feelings she has left behind and those she begins to feel for the handsome Prince Maxon

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