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The relationship between coffee and anxiety

Coffee as we know has several benefits for our body, but at the same time it can be a source of problems for those suffering from particular ailments. Among these it is said that those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks should avoid their consumption or limit it to the maximum, perhaps preferring decaffeinated coffee.
Yes, because in reality what can cause problems in this regard is actually the caffeine contained in it, which is why those who suffer from these ailments should avoid any food that contains it such as chocolate, tea, energizing drinks etc.
But what is the truth about the relationship between coffee and anxiety?

We have to make a clarification, it is not coffee or caffeine that causes anxiety. Anxiety is a problem that can be caused by strong stress or unconscious reasons that must be analyzed thoroughly with the right therapies.
However, what we must keep in mind is that anxiety can increase if we take exciting substances, among which we find all the drinks and foods based on caffeine, including obviously coffee.

How much caffeine does it take to cause anxiety?

Of course, as a precaution, those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks should totally avoid coffee consumption, however it is necessary to specify that several studies claim that high levels of caffeine cause problems. Those who suffer from anxiety problems should therefore also analyze the amount of caffeine consumed daily and reduce it by adding what is taken with coffee to that contained in other foods we consume.
To do this we must keep in mind that on average an espresso cup contains on average 40mg of caffeine which can absolutely not be considered a high dose if you keep within the limit of maximum 3 coffees per day.
But of course there is no rule. Everyone must be aware of what their limits are.
Beyond the limits recommended, or suitable for the individual case, coffee can easily encourage panic attacks, anxiety, tachycardia etc.

Anxiety and panic attacks: alternatives to coffee

If it is true that we can stick to a daily limit, it is also true that as mentioned, those suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and the like should preferably avoid totally taking caffeine.
Doing so is not so difficult as it is possible to consume equally valid alternatives.
Classic coffee can be replaced with excellent decaffeinated coffee, or ginseng coffee, barley coffee or green coffee.
The latter is not caffeine-free, but it contains much less than black coffee, as well as bringing a whole series of benefits to our body.

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