The pleasure of reading: when it’s missing, what to do?

The pleasure of reading a book, a comic or a newspaper is not something you can force yourself to have, but many parents and teachers actually would often ask for it. I have often heard worried moms because the children never read and end up having heated fights with them in the hope of convincing them to go to the library or to open the book given for the birthday. It is equally common to hear teachers criticizing pupils for this lack of passion for text written on paper. So what to do when a child shows no pleasure in reading?

Why can the pleasure of reading be lacking?

Learning to read is not easy, it takes time and effort. There are very specific phases to be achieved and, once reached, reading is associated with another difficult activity that is to understand.

Some children do this route quickly and without any particular difficulty. In other cases, however, some children may indeed encounter significant problems. We think of children with dyslexia who struggle to put letters and sounds together, ending up reading much slower than their companions and with many more mistakes. Often these children are mistaken for listless, not very inclined to the exercise of reading. Here teachers and parents begin to invite more and more insistently to read in the hope of having improvements but ending up making the reading hate even more. There are also children who struggle to read only because of lack of exercise, it is true, but by proposing reading only from the exercise point of view, the pleasure of reading vanishes.

In reality those teachers who make reading a school activity are also responsible for the antipathy towards books. Pupils are asked to read already on many occasions: when they have to do their homework they have to read the deliveries, the texts of the problems, the pages on a topic to study and much more. When in addition to this, the pupils are forced to choose a fiction book and then ask questions of comprehension, book form and more, the pleasure of reading goes a little to the point. If, in this case too, parents are added who continue to urge you to read a book at home, what could be a very pleasant moment of leisure becomes a boring, unpleasant and tiring activity.

Give birth to the pleasure of reading

So what to do? If you want to increase the motivation to read in children, it is important to pass the reading of a book as an activity not imposed by someone but as a free choice. For example, teachers can organize a spontaneous reading competition between pupils, or organize moments of debate on the books read, or dedicate a few moments of relaxation to reading a book aloud in class, or allow pupils to read a book that they brought home from home when they finished one task before the others or at recreation. However, it is important not to give gender restrictions: comics must also be accepted!
Furthermore, with children who have an objective difficulty, it is important to make this activity less difficult and demanding. For example, to bring a child who hates it closer to reading, it is possible to propose to read instead, or to do a little for one, until the resistance gradually decreases and give way to the pleasure of reading alone in a low voice . There are also specific reading programs to help children with dyslexia.
Needless to say, children must also be given a good example. Parents are models to imitate and, therefore, if they never take a book in hand it is not possible to expect them to do it. Better to start reading to your children as soon as possible. Scholars suggest starting as early as when they are infants! In this way it is more likely to transmit pleasure and curiosity towards the world of books.

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