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The perfect autumn breakfast in 8 easy tips

Seasonal fruits, vitamins, and probiotic foods are just some of the tips to tackle the fall from the first minutes of awakening. Let’s find out all of them

Breakfast is good and we will never stop saying it again! It helps to wake up calmly, allows the body to take the right caloric intake and above all guarantees to arrive until lunch without finding yourself unconscious on your desk mid-morning in the grip of hunger pangs. For this alone, it would deserve 10 minutes of early wake-up. But not only…

Breakfast according to some of the most famous studies is also essential for those who want to lose weight or simply want to stay in shape: eating just awake helps the metabolism and promotes proper functioning.

So we want to see some tricks to make a perfect autumn breakfast? Simple, healthy and above all genuine, without forgetting the essential aspect: goodness, detail never to be overlooked.

Have breakfast within 30 minutes of the alarm

If you want to try to help your metabolism and immediately wake our body up, the “super metabolism diet”, so loved in Hollywood, has no doubts about it. Better to eat as soon as you are awake.

Choose goodness

Awakening in the fall can become difficult and sometimes traumatic, and the first fogs certainly do not help. But knowing that something good is waiting for us in the kitchen, certainly yes, it helps.

Strengthen the immune system

The period of influences, colds and different types of cooling begins, it becomes important to try to raise the immune system. Sometimes external supplements are needed, however, like probiotic drinks or yogurts, able to enhance the immune system, form a barrier against the development of viruses and harmful germs, hinder the passage of many substances responsible for allergies, as well as produce useful vitamins.

Never forget the right vitamin intake

Always to combat seasonal diseases, vitamins are essential. Fruit, even better if in season, is one of the foods that contain the greatest number, so it must be a must for every healthy breakfast.

The importance of dried fruit

To be added to breakfast to achieve perfection! Often we tend to see fats as a common evil and instead. there are fats that our body needs like those contained in dried fruit. Moderate, but this season is particularly suitable.

Reduce sugars

Taking into account that to stay healthy you need to eat well, today you can make wonderful breakfasts even without exceeding the sugars. Among the classic biscuits and those without added sugar, it is undoubtedly advisable to choose the latter, so there will be more room to eat other sugars during the day.

Consume milk or yogurt

Nutritious and perfect foods to accompany biscuits or cereals. For those who have difficulty digesting milk or are intolerant, but cannot resist its goodness, it is advisable to opt for UHT or high digestibility milk.

The right amount of energy

It is necessary to know how to balance, but it must always be remembered that breakfast is necessary for our body to be able to face the day. In autumn, lowering temperatures slowly, it becomes really important to introduce the right caloric intake.

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