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The origins of advertising

The origins of advertising are very ancient. The Greeks and Romans advertised numerous products by writing directly on the walls, posting papyri, or with signs depicting the items for sale. There was also the figure of the auctioneer, whose function was essentially to read the notices to the public aloud. He often also went around the markets, shouting the characteristics and merits of the goods on sale.

Throughout the Middle Ages and until the invention of printing, the use of these forms of advertising continued through the centuries, representing the most common mode of commercial communication.
We had to get to the seventeenth century to see the first periodicals with paid advertisements, and it was only in the nineteenth century that various methods of advertising began to develop. In fact, in addition to advertisements in newspapers, flyers appear, but above all posters, which are used not only to advertise products or shows, but also for political purposes.
Another way of spreading an advertising message is represented by “sandwich men”, men who walk along the streets of a city wearing two billboards, like sandwiches, for advertising purposes.
In the twentieth century, with the birth of radio and television, advertising experienced a dizzying development thanks to the enormous potential acquired by its means of expression.


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