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Necklaces, rings, amulets, and ornaments: since ancient times both men and women have always found a way to adorn their bodies with accessories of various kinds.

Nowadays the use that is made of it is to enhance its characteristics, but the jewel has not always been just an object of beauty.

The origins of the jewel

Like many of the uses and customs that we have today, even the jewel is born as an object rich in symbolic values.

Since the dawn of time, people from all cultures have tried to show their religious, political or status by exhibiting objects with a precise meaning.

We know that the first civilizations identified the gods in stars, animals and natural elements of various kinds. Over time and with the increase in the manual skills of the early Sapiens these deities were associated with talismans, veritable “consecrated” jewels. These accessories were no more than organic and inorganic materials: men, dedicated to hunting, used to adorn themselves, for example, with trophies taken from the game, such as teeth or bones of a particular shape. Women instead adorned themselves mainly with shells, a symbol of fertility.

From the amulet to the decoration

The jewels are born as real magic charms then lucky charms and have accompanied man since the Paleolithic. In addition to protecting the owners, these jewels were fundamental objects in the enrichment of funerary objects, that is, in the custom of burying weapons and ornaments together with the deceased. A custom of which, fortunately, the testimonies to this day have been preserved.

The impressive refinement of metalworking skills dating back to the Copper Age has marked a turning point in this field: from here on we will find objects in silver, copper and gold.

With the advent of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, jewelry began to take the form of modern elements: just think of all the priceless objects found in the tombs of the great Pharaohs. The innovations introduced by these ancient artists soon spread throughout the world and among all civilizations, opening the doors to modern jewelry over the centuries.

Rawsen’s jewels

Often when wearing a jewel, one does not realize the importance that this ornament may have represented in human history.

The rediscovery of ancient stories and legends is something that has always fascinated us and it is precisely for this reason that the Rawsen collection is inspired by the myths of the past: the inspiration that comes to us from ancient times has an inestimable value for us which, in the hands of our designers and our skilled goldsmiths, it takes shape in unique pieces.

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