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The Ordinary: history of the purest and low-cost skincare brand!

There is a reason why the Australian line of beauty products The Ordinary has sent the beauty sector into deep crisis.

The reason is simple: it is an economic line, rigorously scientific and, above all, it really works !!

It all started in 2017 with a bottle of Retinol sold for only 8 dollars.

The price shocked everyone: how could there be Retinol, true, pure, undiluted and not added in that bottle, for such a low price ?! Keep in mind that an average bottle of Retinol, before The Ordinary landed on the market, cost about 35 dollars!

Obviously the product was immediately sold out and the brand, which is part of the largest Deciem group (which produces brands such as Hand Chemistry, Niod and Hylamide), immediately jumped to the top of all the other skincare brands.

The rumor spread very quickly and orders came at a faster rate than the lab could dispose of.

Then, in 2017, the company announced that it would also sell its make-up line, introducing 21 shades of foundation for only 6 euros and 70 cents. The first foundations made, the Serum Foudation, had a non-chemical protection factor 15 (gentle with the skin) and gave the skin a natural light that was barely visible to the naked eye.

Immediately afterwards, a new line of foundation with full coverage, very pigmented, very suitable for acne bearers, was also put on the market, because it made the pimples appear as airbrushed.

Even the foundations have hit the market, accumulating a waiting list of over 75,000 customers.

The Ordinary was therefore demonstrating that putting on makeup and taking care of one’s skin scientifically and optimally did not have to cost a fortune.

A brand I like

Brand fans love the fact that it is young and “clean” – there are no misleading advertisements or marketing jargon.

The products seem to have come out of the laboratory (or pharmacy) and immediately made consumers feel like little chemists who can use them mixed together, – with some exceptions that are described on the site – creating their own personalized “potions”.

Here, then, that science has also become a lot of fun in the field of skin care.

Seven months after its launch, The Ordinary – as Glamor Uk reports – has opened its first store in Spitafields, London. Today there are 29 stores worldwide, for a total of four in London, in addition to Toronto, Mexico, Australia and South Korea, with new lines of products for skincare and makeup that are added at a distance of a few months from each other.

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