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The Order season 2

The Deadline site reported the news that Netflix has decided to renew The Order for a season 2. We will see, therefore, how the struggle between the world of magic and that of werewolves will continue in the TV series starring Jake Manley.

When does The Order 2 season come out? The release date

But when does The Order 2 season come out? Netflix has set the second season’s release date for June 18. As reported by Deadline in the article we mentioned at the beginning, the production of the new episodes began last summer in Vancouver. No hitches due to coronavirus.

What is The Order 2 season about? Plot and previews

At the moment there is no information on the plot of the next season, let alone anticipations on what will happen. For the moment we can only make hypotheses, thinking about the end of the first cycle of episodes.

The first season ended with the Order’s defeat of Edward Coventry and the cancellation of the memory of Jack, the protagonist, and all his werewolf friends. So the question we all ask now is what is The Order 2 season about?

The latest episode left many doors open. We will find out if Jack regains his memory and how it will happen; we will see if the spell cast by the members of the Order has eliminated his awareness of being a werewolf or not. Furthermore, we will probably be shown how the relationship between him and Alyssa will develop, who seemed very much in love.

Finally, one of the most important points of the new season will be to find out if Edward Coventry will return as an antagonist or we will see a new one. In fact, even if he was defeated by being imprisoned in the book (preserved by Vera Stone), it is not said that someone decides to free him, knowingly or by mistake.

News from the SDCC 2019

During the first day of San Diego Comic-Con, the program included a panel for The Order, which was attended by Lake Manley, Sarah Gray, Adam DiMarco, Katherine Isabelle, Louriza Tronco, Devery Jacobs and Thomas Elms. Although the cast has mostly talked about the first season, some news about the second has nonetheless emerged. Even the fans present were able to watch the reading of an episode script.

The unpublished scenes interpreted concern Vera, who ends up facing the disciples on the improper use of magic. Suddenly one of them catches fire and disappears. From reading we also learn that Hamish has been invited to join the Order. Someone expected the screening of a trailer, but the creator has made it known that shooting has not yet begun.

Cast actors and characters

The cast of season 2 of The Order will see the release of various characters who have been eliminated during the adventures seen in the first season. So let’s see which main actors will return, almost certainly, in the next episodes:

  • Jake Manley is Jack Morton;
  • Sarah Gray is Alyssa Drake;

As for the recurring cast of The Order 2 season:

  • Katharine Isabelle is Vera Stone;
  • Adam DiMarco is Randall Carpio;
  • Devery Jacobs is Lilith Bathory;
  • Thomas Elms is Hamish Duke;
  • Louriza Tronco is Gabrielle Dupres;
  • Andres Collantes is Diego Nunez;
  • Jewel Staite is Renee Marand;
  • Dylan Playfair is Clayton “Clay” Turner.

However, there is always the possibility that some of these characters will become much more present within the new story. Obviously, together with the new actors that will surely be introduced, but of which nothing is known yet.

The TV series will continue to have creators Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen as writers and executive producers.

Trailer and video

Netflix hasn’t released the official trailer yet. However, on the YouTube channel we can find the video announcement for the second season of The Order.

The Order 2 season streaming and episodes

Season 2 of The Order will be distributed and made available for streaming on Netflix, just as it did for the first season.

Although the total number of episodes has not yet been defined, there will probably be 10 and will last 50-45 minutes each.

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