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The Old Guard: the ending opens to a sequel, what do we know so far?

The ending of The Old Guard and the extra scene before the closing credits make no secret of thinking about a possible sequel: the director of the film Gina Prince-Bythewood has already explained what the plans are for a possible future of the franchise.

The Old Guard makes no secret of its franchise aspirations. The Netflix action film starring Charlize Theron is set since its presentation to be much more than a self-conclusive title focused on a group of immortal warriors in spite of themselves. The longevity of the characters, the inability to kill them and the amount of lives and stories that have already lived make Andy, Nicky, Booker, Nile and Joe the perfect protagonists of a long-running franchise. Considering the positive reactions of the public and critics to its debut (I also promoted it in the dedicated review), the arrival of a sequel seems a question of when and not of itself.

In this sense, the end of the film and the short additional scene that precedes the end credits prove to be very far-sighted, giving The Old Guard a worthy conclusion but tantalizing the spectator’s curiosity, leaving to understand how the story of Andy and the Old guard. Below you will find the analysis of the ending, the extra scene and the possible ideas for what is shaping up to be the most likely sequel to this film.

Watch out for spoilers if you haven’t seen the film yet.

The ending of The Old Guard

With a long final fight, Andy, Nile and the others get the better of the Merrick tycoon, barricaded himself with his men in his penthouse. Andy does not hold back in the face of the battle, although it is now clear that it has returned to being mortal and therefore every blow will be fatal. For this reason the other immortals, but above all Nile, protect her as I can, making them from human shields. The duel between Andy, Nile and Merrick is resolved with the latter flying down the attic window, hit by Andy’s ax and dragged in the fall by Nile. The two land on a parked car and destroy it. Merrick dies, while obviously Nile only needs a few minutes to get out of it, to give Andy back his ax and get away with the others from the crime scene.

The immortals gather in a small brewery by the river to decide the fate of Booker, guilty of having betrayed them. Nile reveals to the immortal that she has made an agreement with Copley to stage her death and thus keep her family in the dark about her gift, trusting the advice of Andy and the other immortals about it. Shortly after, Andy reaches his friend and reveals that he has been sentenced to one hundred years of solitude. Booker claims to have hoped for less, but to have expected more. Andy reveals that Nile would have had an apology and the two laugh at the girl’s naivety. Andy and Booker are embraced with emotion: he points out that this will be their last meeting, since she is now deadly. Andy advises him to be more confident.

Andy and his team go to visit Copley on Niki’s advice. Andy is impressed by his research work, which testifies how well the rescue of so many people by the Old Guard has brought to the world. As compensation for selling them to Merrick, Andy asks Copley to cover his shoulders to the group, using his digital security knowledge to clear his tracks and to help them find new jobs. The former CIA agent says he is honored with the assignment.

In the additional scene we are transported to Paris, 6 months after the film’s epilogue. We see Booker increasingly drunk and desperate returning to a small apartment in Paris. When he realizes that someone is inside, he draws a gun and points it towards what turns out to be Quyhn, the immortal who was stuck in an iron chest for centuries, forced to spend eternity drowning continuously. The woman managed to free herself and tracked down Booker, probably after seeing him in a dream. In fact, at the time of his sentence he was not yet born.

The scenarios for a possible sequel

Will Quynh be the villain of the second film? It is easy to imagine that Andy’s former partner, condemned as a witch centuries ago, nourishes resentment towards the woman who has not been able to track her down and save her from her terrible fate. In the nightmare that Nile tells others, it is emphasized that the woman imprisoned in the iron coffin is furious and on the verge of madness. In the final scene we see her tremble while holding a glass of water with her hand that she tries to drink. We can well imagine what an apparently simple gesture means to her.

Director of the film Gina Prince-Bythewood has already talked about this character and his possible appearance in a sequel, which viewers are already asking Netflix via social network:

[A possible sequel] will be based on the comic and how Greg Rucka imagined Quynh’s return to the scene and the heavy repercussions related to what he suffered. It will also be a very concrete story, concerning pressing problems of the contemporary world. Among the antagonists there will be some mortals.

The second run of The Old Guard focuses on dealing with one’s past and present mistakes, even questioning the type of task that the Old Guard has decided to accomplish away from the spotlight. If Andy is likely to have to deal with Quynh, Nile will also have a lot to expiate and risk being divided by the group. In short, if Netflix gives green light to the project, certainly the meat will not be missing from the fire for the sequel.

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