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The mystery of the Costa Concordia

New details emerge in the story of Domnica Cemortan, the former Moldovan dancer who on the evening of the sinking of the Costa Concordia, on January 13, 2012, reached deck 11 with Captain Schettino, just as the ship was sinking and many passengers were trying to get in rescued. The woman who yesterday revealed that the commander would take Maitre Ciro Onorato that evening to wait for the arrival of a helicopter that would bring them to safety, today adds that she is aware of a “voluminous package” that would be was loaded onto that helicopter and then taken to the island of Giglio where the aircraft had landed immediately afterwards.

According to what Cemortan revealed in an interview with the television broadcast Mattino 5, an officer from Costa, Schettino’s collaborator in the shipwreck of Concordia, is the person who told her about the object taken from the ship and then transported by helicopter. The officer would still work in Costa Crociere and be promoted.

“I haven’t seen any helicopters. But a helicopter arrived, on company, on the island. This helicopter arrived later, two hours later. ” The dancer explained in transmission. According to the woman, the person who had direct contact with the helicopter would be “the same person who took something from the ship to put on the helicopter. There were many injured on Concordia, but at that moment something had to be taken, “he adds. “I saw this object later on the island. I have seen after all. And this person told me that “well, okay, he had given the thing that he had kept” ».

According to the testimony of the Moldovan young woman, the object we are talking about would have been quite bulky (a box or perhaps a bag) so much that she could not hold it in her hand.

“I was called by the company” Costa Crociere “to speak with them in the office. There were many people, lawyers and officers. They asked me what I had seen »on the evening of the sinking at Giglio. These are still Domnica Cemortan’s statements in the Mattino 5 program after saying that nobody, in the investigation and trial, ever asked her about the mysterious object that, according to her, would have been taken from the sinking Concordia.

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