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Hey guys for today’s post, in honor of “Mystery Monday”, I’ll be talking about a really strange and unique story. I get kinda freaked out when I see blood in general so when I saw this article I thought it was really interesting but weird at the same time that’s when I thought I wanted to share it with you guys! If you have other spooky or scary stories or unsolved mysteries don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section down below!

On September 8, 1987, 77-year-old Minnie Winston finds herself in the bathroom when she notices bloodstains on the floor. Frightened, she looks for her husband, thinking he may be hurt, but when she screams his name, William Winston appears and doesn’t even have a scratch.

Indeed, he too is surprised by the bloodstains on the floor. After a search of the house, the Winston spouses discover that the bloodstains are everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the basement, on the walls, under the television.

Startled, they decide to call the police. The policemen note that in the house there are no signs of forced entry and that the spouses do not present any wounds. They take a sample of the red liquid to examine it and the results leave everyone stunned.

It is human blood type 0. Minnie and William Winston both have blood group A and therefore it is definitely established that the blood is not theirs.

But whose was it?

The police treated the case as a crime scene, although it didn’t seem like any crime. Police reports report that “abundant blood” was found in the house. The news goes around the newspapers and hundreds of journalists and onlookers show up at the Fountain Drive house. Unlike many other cases in which paranormal events (or presumed ones) occur, the Winston spouses do not seek media attention.
Indeed, they are quite annoyed by unwanted attention and do not want to give interviews.

The investigations, led by Detective Steve Cartwright, continue, but the mystery remains unresolved to this day, and it is the only one in which human blood has been found in a house without explanation.

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