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Hey guys soo,… I know it’s a little bit weird but I wanted to spice up my blogging game by talking about something that I found really interesting and fascinating. As you guys know I like drawing, even if I’m not really good at it, I like reading and I like crime tv shows and pretty much everything related to mystery and the unknown. So I thought, what if I make it a series where I talk about mysteries and unsolved cases? I don’t know, I just like the idea. I already thought about a name because I want to publish a new post about crimes and mysteries every Monday and that’s where the name came from “Mystery Monday”. Tell me guys what do you think about it and if you have any other ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comment section down below!

It was Christmas Eve 1945, the Sodder family was spending the holiday peacefully. Shortly after dinner, the mother went to bed and let five of the ten children play (one was engaged in military service) in the living room, promising to put everything in order at the end of the evening. After midnight, the woman received a chilling call, a shrill voice was looking for a man with an incomprehensible name, the call ended with a terrifying chuckle.
Jennie, the mother, noticed that the children had not shut the shutters, and went back to bed. About half-past one in the morning the fire started in the house and the parents with four of their children left the house.
George Sodder ran to take the ladder to fetch his children upstairs but noticed that it had been removed. By now the upper floor was completely inaccessible due to the flames, and the six relatives could only observe the house that was completely destroyed with the 5 boys still inside.
No corpse was ever found inside the house, no fragment of bones or any other part of the body, which suggested the possibility that someone was inside.
The telephone wire was severed and the ladder was no longer found. The investigation was closed and the five Sodder children declared dead, but the parents did not give peace for life, not believing that the children were inside the house during his fire. The family also hired a private detective to investigate the disappearance of the children, but he died in mysterious circumstances. 20 years after the accident the Sodders received a photograph by mail, without the sender’s address, with a photo of a boy, Louis, who was incredibly similar to that of his son. On the back of the picture was written only: Louis Sodder.
One theory, the most probable one, says that the children were kidnapped by a mafia-type organization connected with Sicily, given that the Sodders themselves were of Italian origin. The parents never gave themselves peace, but unfortunately, they died without seeing their missing children again.

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