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The lemonade

In these hot days, the only thing that quenches my thirst is lemonade. I prepare it by myself, at home, juice of two lemons in a large beer glass and addition of mineral water without gas, never forgetting a bottom of ice.

You have to drink it slowly, slowly, it refreshes you and quenches your thirst for a long time; the other industrial drinks that multiply in the fridge, sugary, pleasant, invite you to drink continuously, the lemonade, do it yourself, does not betray you: it pleasantly removes heat and thirst.

By chance I happened to read an article on “Melaverde” which explains the whole history of lemonade. In fact, it seems that the first lemonade in history was served in France, in Paris, even on August 20, 1630. It was a drink created with lemon juice and the addition of mineral water with bubbles taken from a natural source.

In the 1700s, the mineral water industries began to expand in several European locations, in Germany, France, England and Switzerland and some of their products contained part of lemon juice.

In 1788, then, a machine was invented to produce mineral water artificially by adding carbon dioxide. It was the first step towards the industrial production of carbonated lemonade: the market welcomed this sparkling and thirst-quenching drink, making it a huge success.

Tip from experience: a good lemonade is best done on your own and perhaps preferring mineral water without gas.

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