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The invasion of Area 51 was canceled due to fear of a “humanitarian disaster”

The September 20 appointment to “see the aliens” had first turned into a festival, but was then wiped out in the worry of not being able to supply thousands of people in the heart of the Nevada desert. Don’t worry though. However, the organizers are planning the ‘Area 51 Celebration Party’ …

The invasion of Area 51 on will be there. To see the aliens we must wait because the event, scheduled for September 20, has been canceled due to “humanitarian disaster risk.” The initiative launched with a joking proposal by Jackson Barnes had as objective to invade the secret base en masse of the Air Force in Nevada to shed light on the UFOs: in 2 million they said they were ready to participate and the idea had come to worry even the US government.

A harsh statement released by the spokesmen of the Air Force had prompted alien enthusiasts to look for an alternative and so it was decided to organize “Alienstock 2019“, a festival organized in Rachel, a small town in Nevada. Now even this event, called the Woodstock of extraterrestrial fans, has been canceled. It will not be done and the reasons are related to the safety of guests. In particular, the logistic concern of providing services and refreshment in the desert to who knows how many people. “Due to the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and overt disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock participants, we have decided to pull the plug on the festival,” says a message on the AlienStock website. City officials had also informed the event participants that many Rachel residents had not taken the initiative well and would not hesitate to open fire against those who had violated their property.

However, UFO enthusiasts should not despair. The organizers of “Alienstock” have transformed the event into an “Area 51 Celebration Party“, an event that will take place on September 19 in an event hall in Downtown Las Vegas. Expected electronic music concerts and even artists ‘themed’ shows. The news disappointed some fans, who complained about the group from which it all started. “I’m so angry, we had the flight for 20 people on Friday morning!”

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