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Hey guys for today’s post, in honor of “Mystery Monday”, I’ll be talking about a really strange and unique story. If you have other spooky or scary stories or unsolved mysteries don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section down below!

A Pennsylvania urban legend tells of a green man, luminescent and terrifying, who wanders the streets only at night. It was called “The Green Man”, or even “Charlie No Face”, and its origin is thought to be supernatural.
Often there have been alleged, documented meetings with it. This story was told by parents to their children to scare them so that they stayed at home. As proof of this, this Green Man was associated with sudden deaths, mutilations, and other gruesome facts in order to convince the offspring to stay within the security zones.
However, the legend originates from true reality. Raymond Robinson, a child from Pittsburgh, in 1918, at the age of 8, was seriously injured during an accident with electricity, remaining completely disfigured in the face. This caused him the loss of his eyes, nose, and ears, and half of the arm with which he had clung to the cable was also amputated, while his chest could be considered a single scar.

When he returned to his home after his long months in hospital in Pittsburgh, Ray prepared to live a recluse life, knowing that his appearance would terrify people. Raymond grew up like a kind of monster, in fact, he was nicknamed “The Zombie” by the other kids, ending up living an isolated life, becoming an outcast of that society that had the absurd need for myths and legends to keep their children safe. In order not to shock and terrorize the youngest children, Robinson went out for walks only at night even though the scarred skin took on a greenish reflection in the moonlight.

Even if he was blind he never backed out to help out at home by building belts, wallets and other items to sell. He used to collect metal puzzles, made of horseshoes, tubes, and springs, which he solved to amaze his grandchildren. He loved to pass an old lawn mower on the grass in the garden from time to time and, although some parts of the lawn were not clean-shaven, the family never corrected his mistakes. Raymond, according to all his relatives, was a person of a unique kindness; all those who knew him wanted to protect him from the outside world, cruel to him. If Raymond had to show himself in public he always wore a prosthetic nose together with a pair of sunglasses. He preferred not to discuss his problems and never complained about his appearance, so one of his grandchildren reports.

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