The future

Future: what will be, what will come, what will happen. This is the definition taken from the dictionary of the future. The word future, to the majority of the population, evokes super-sophisticated or trivially simple machines that, at the push of a single button, solve your life. Completely different machines, but there is one thing that unites them: belonging to an unreal world, which is imagined as the future, our destiny.
Until a few years ago, 2000 was imagined as a year full of science fiction equipment and machinery, detached from the 90s. Now, in this 2000 what the hell has changed compared to past years? Nothing, here is the answer !!!! Certain changes certainly couldn’t happen in ten years, right? My future life! We will never know what will happen to us as we move forward in time with our life! Astrologers, horoscopes, fortune tellers, tarot cards and seers. All nonsense !!! The job of these people is not to foresee the future, but to suck money from you! Do you believe that by giving a man or a woman name, date, time and place of birth (plus a large sum of money) this (or this) can tell you what will happen to you? And then, sorry, even if they told you the truth, how could you change it if maybe it’s a bad thing, if it’s written in destiny ??? But perhaps this is a parenthesis that had almost nothing to do with it !!! Anyway, back to the subject of my future life! What could happen to me ?? Could I discover some vaccines against the most terrible disease in the world? Or could I become a robber? I don’t imagine what my future will be like! I just can’t imagine it! Will I be the one who does not want to imagine it to have the pleasure of living it and discovering it fully, or will it be because not enough fantasy? I do not really know!!! And what will happen to my friends, my relatives, in short, to the people who are close to me? Who knows! However, trying hard, I should imagine a little something !! First of all, I don’t imagine extravagant or extra-futuristic equipment! The usual cars, the usual trains, in short, the usual means of transport, at most with some less expensive and more common fuel! Maybe the houses will change. In the future of my city I see skyscrapers and villas! One thing he hoped will change is the amount of green spaces in the city: much more, cleaner and safer! But the thing that matters most to change is people.

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