The fear of growing up

We are all afraid of growing up, because we don’t know what the future holds, if our life will be happy or sad, if we will be able to realize our dreams, or we will just continue to fantasize. Personally I would prefer to remain a girl, certainly not because I am afraid of growing up, but I believe that being a child is everyone’s dream. Being every day with mum and dad, exploring the world, since as children everything seems new, without worries, without problems, but above all without thoughts; with the sole aim of having fun, playing, joking and laughing at any time.
When we grow up, everything begins to change, and not being ready to face the news, we are afraid. The problems already begin as teenagers with the first crushes, the first loves, the fears, the defeats, the victories, the many fears such as being too ugly, too fat, too thin; or fear of being alone, without friends, but above all fear of growing up and making mistakes in building one’s own future.
Yet, if you want to grow and move forward, you must erase all fear and be able to avoid living in uncertainty, or in the fear that your dreams will not come true. The key to making sure that all this does not happen is to live always thinking positive, with a smile on your face without being discouraged, without being afraid of the future.
Growing up does not mean giving up one’s hopes, fun, joys, but it means changing, becoming autonomous, independent, improving one’s person, because it is only by facing the various difficulties that life poses to us that one can become stronger, learning to avoid mistakes, because it is enough to make a mistake once to not make the same mistake again, whoever does not make mistakes is only a fearful and insecure person.
On the one hand, I would like to remain a little girl with all my life ahead, on the other I would like to grow up and see how the adult world is made, everyone describes it as boring and monotonous, filled only with work, worries and thoughts . I’m not saying it’s not true, but I wouldn’t mind being part of it at all, in life you don’t just have to think about fun, but you also need to be responsible and mature people, because as the saying goes “first duty and then pleasure”.
I still don’t have very clear ideas about my future, but I would like to be a mature person, a sweet and affectionate mother, with a good job, maybe find myself behind a desk to explain and question rather than behind a desk as I am now; or in an office behind a desk, or perhaps to run a company.
My dreams are many and I hope to make them come true, I don’t want to whine, to say right now not to make it without trying. I want to know and explore the world in all its beauties and negativity, because unfortunately there are also those, even if the idea of ​​having to struggle to find a job that doesn’t exist or the idea of ​​going towards a world full of negative aspects: violence, illegality, scams; what matters is to face life with determination, courage and a great desire to live and to contribute to change the world for the positive with the awareness that fears and uncertainties also contribute to making us mature and grow.
Only by fighting can we hope to create a better future world that our children can benefit from.

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