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“The Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo – Review

Hello readers! It was difficult to write the review of Leigh Bardugo’s “The Corrupt Kingdom”, partly because I could talk about it for hours and hours, partly because I absolutely don’t want to spoil and spoil anyone’s reading, but in the end there is. i did! The review you will read will therefore be spoiler-free: you can read it both if you have not yet started reading the saga and if you are waiting to read the second or even if you have already read it and want to know my opinion.

Editor’s plot

Kaz Brekker and his band of desperate people have just completed a mission from which it seemed impossible to return safely. Even they had doubted it, to be honest. But when they return to Ketterdam, they don’t have time to get bored even for a moment because they are forced to question everything again, and to gamble everything, including life. This time, however, betrayed and weakened, they will have to take part in a real war on the dark and winding streets of the city against a powerful, insidious and many-faced enemy. In fact, in Ketterdam, old and new acquaintances of Kaz and his gods gathered, ready to challenge Manisporche’s ability and the loyalty of his companions. But if the six outlaws have one certainty, it is this: after all the daring escapes, the escaped dangers, the suffering and the inevitable blows they had to face together, they will still find a way to remain standing. And perhaps to somehow win this war, thanks to Jesper’s revolvers, Kaz’s brains, Nina’s verve, Inej’s skill, Wylan’s genius and Matthias’s strength. A war which for them means a possibility of revenge and redemption and which will be decisive for the fate of the Grisha world.


If in the first book we followed Kaz and his band by sea and through Fjerda to the Ice Court in a mission that seemed impossible, the second book is set almost entirely in the city of Ketterdam, among its seedy alleys, the harbor, the warehouse district and the financial district. ⁣

The city itself becomes of fundamental importance for the plot, as we will no longer follow the six ravens on a secret mission, but in a real battle to the last deception in the streets of this city.

The end

The bittersweet ending surprised and moved me, it is perfect in many ways but at the same time I can’t help but wonder if after all their daring escapes and the escaped dangers for a certain character it should really go like this; after all they have been through, one cannot help but believe until the end that everything will be okay and that after the countless difficulties in the end their luck and their skills would have allowed them all to earn a nice ending.


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