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The butterfly effect

“The flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world” … With this simple sentence we can summarize what the concept called “butterfly effect” consists of.

Small actions can help generate big changes. This idea, derived from physics and chaos theory, can also be applied to psychology. What we do today will affect our future: with small actions, we can change many things that we do not appreciate about our life or, more simply, instead of being guilty of mistakes that we all make, we can find a solution by introducing small changes.

As Alexander the Great already said, “The fate of all depends on the conduct of some.” So why not be aware of your actions and the consequences they can have?

What can we do with our “butterfly effect”? Here are some ideas.

  1. Talk directly to people instead of mulling over this or that misunderstanding.
  2. Make yourself heard. Gradually you will show others that you have a strong personality and will not feel ignored, mistreated, etc.
  3. Simply with a smile or a few positive days you will create a pleasant environment around you.
  4. Enjoy the little pleasures. A cup of coffee or a chocolate while you watch it rain through the window, observe how a baby sleeps, play with children or close your eyes and perceive the smell and sound of the sea; experiences like these will be for you a source of immediate pleasure that you will prolong over time. They will generate a “well of happiness” within you.
  5. Do small things for others without expecting anything in return. Simple gestures, such as supporting campaigns against hunger, helping a neighbor who has a cat to peel or giving way to an old woman on the bus generate short, medium and long-term butterfly effects. First of all, it is proven that altruism brings happiness to people; if we put together the small actions of each one, we would cause a great hurricane.

Imagine if each person brought a pack of rice for the neediest during a campaign against poverty: kilos and kilos of rice would accumulate, all thanks to a simple gesture. In the same way, if we all gave up their seats to the elderly, over time we will contribute to creating a better, more humane and happy society.

  1. When you are angry, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and think about how lucky you are for everything you have. Another hurricane: anxiety levels will decrease, taking you out of the spiral of anger and avoiding unhealthy feelings. Actions like these prevent migraines, stomach pains, colds, etc. Diseases are highly related to emotions, just as the Romans said with their “Mens sana in corpore sana”.
  2. Think of today, not tomorrow. If you can now take the opportunity to take a walk with your partner, take a trip or have a laugh on the beach in the company of a friend and a sandwich, do it! Even so you will generate a hurricane of happiness through small gestures. If negative moments come, you will think about how much you laughed and had a good time in the past, which will help you to overcome current difficulties better.

Now you know that thanks to the butterfly effect, small gestures can improve your life.

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