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That’s why you shouldn’t eat the tip of the ice cream cone

Many consider it the most delicious part of the whole ice cream. But one chemist explained that to make it so good, it is necessary to resort to an unhealthy process

Giving out the tip of the croissant, the one that contains delicious semi-solidified chocolate in the wafer, is a great test of love: raise your hand if you don’t agree. Fans of Facebook fans have been dedicated to those two centimeters of pleasure. And a very young American entrepreneur, Nick Cavagn, has decided to turn the tip of the croissant into a real snack, which is called Muddy Bites and which has been a huge success.

Yet science tells us …

Already, yet it seems that that exquisite little piece, besides being perhaps the most good part, for taste and consistency, of the whole gelato, is also the worst one for our health and our shape.

This was explained by chemist Bert Weckhuysen, from the University of Utrecht. To prevent the chocolate from melting completely before it is reached by those who are enjoying the ice cream, the producers had to change the melting point: they succeeded by using a process called hydrogenation, which involves the addition of a dihydrogen molecule to another compound, in this case, chocolate. The real problem is that this process transforms unsaturated fats into solid fats and therefore unsaturated fatty acids become saturated. Consequently, with the tip of the ice cream cone, we ingest the same unhealthy substances that we find in some biscuits and in some industrial cakes, in lard, in fatty and processed meats, in cheeses and in cream: they are the most dangerous fats for the cardiovascular system.

According to the World Health Organization, adults and children should consume a maximum of 10% of their daily calories in the form of saturated fat, and the total consumption of fat, however, should not exceed 30% of daily calories. Excessive amounts of saturated and trans fats should be replaced by polyunsaturated fats, such as those found in fish and olive oil.

Will this warning suffice to discourage the fans of the chocolate tip of the ice cream cone? It’s hard to believe.

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