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That’s why you should never drink coffee on an empty stomach

Coffee should never be drunk on an empty stomach. What many thought was turned into reality thanks to American research. In fact, the doctor Adam Simon has studied the effects of this drink loved all over the world, on our stomach, especially when it is empty.

“Drinking a cup of coffee before having a meal is a check on the hydration of our body – the doctor revealed -. It increases the daily requirement of water, it can cause dehydration and tachycardia “.

The doctor’s words were also confirmed by the scholar Nitin Makadia: “Coffee, even decaffeinated coffee, produces hydrochloric acid – he said -, the main responsible for damage to the gastric mucosa, if drunk repeatedly on an empty stomach”.

Hydrochloric acid is a fundamental element in the digestion process. In fact, this substance is released into the body just before eating a meal or when we smell the scent of a food we would like to eat. This means that a coffee taken as soon as you wake up and on an empty stomach could prove to be really harmful to the body.

“If the studies on the ineffectiveness of coffee taken after waking up had not been able to upset my coffee routine, those on the” dangerousness “of coffee on an empty stomach, yes. Definitely ā€¯commented the writer Kaitlyn McLintock, who closely followed the research on the topic, spreading the news.

Apparently coffee drunk on an empty stomach could compromise the functioning of this organ, but also affect mood and our performance. Some time ago, scientific studies had shown that the caffeine-based drink consumed in the morning was not a source of “sprint” as many believe. In reality, for experts, coffee should be taken a few hours after getting out of bed and not before drinking a little water and eating something.

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