Summary on the Baroque

It is the time of the great absolute monarchies such as that of the sovereign Louis XIV in France; the seventeenth century is a century of great conflicts (30 years war), and there were great scientific revolutions.
Modern science is born; the modern method consists in experimenting through the observation of natural phenomena before reaching a general theory (Galileo Galilei).
Another cultural and important aspect is the influence of the Church on art and culture through the Catholic Counter-Reformation, a reaction to the Protestant Reformation following the Council of Trent (characterized by the strengthening of the Inquisition Tribunal and the censorship that controlled the behavior of individuals ).

The Baroque was born in 1600 and affirmed itself throughout the century and throughout the first half of the 1700s throughout Europe, it is the style of aristocracies and monarchies.

The main differences between the Baroque and the Renaissance

Characteristics of Baroque art

  • Unlike the Renaissance, disproportionate shapes and very luxurious materials are preferred such as (marble, gold, silver, enamels);
  • The lines, both in architecture and in painting, are curved and very dynamic;
  • Attention prevails, especially in architecture, to ornamentation (cornices, statues, over doors, columns.);
  • In architecture and paintings there is particular attention to the study of light: strong contrasts of shadow and light also represented in a symbolic way;
  • The perspective of paintings and architectures is often multiple to create scenographic and theatrical effects with perspective illusionism;
  • The term Baroque derives from a Portuguese word: irregular pearl.


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