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With the filming recently started for the fourth season of Stranger Things, the most varied theories of fans of the Netflix series begin to spread, one of which would suggest that even on the other side of the iron curtain there would be “an Eleven” with powers.

As you know, the show has recently launched its comic series published by Dark Horse and among the pages of Stranger Things: SIX, dedicated to the character that bears that name, refers to a much broader picture in the challenge between the United States and the Soviet Union, also probably with regard to experiments on young children. In a passage of the comic, in fact, we can see the character turn to Dr. Brenner – who in the first season had the face of Matthew Modine – in which he reveals that Hawkins’ laboratory, where experiments are conducted on kids with superpowers, not it is the only structure that performs these functions in the world, thus alluding to a much larger conflict.

It is not clear at this point if Brenner is simply referring to the cold war or to a more specific conflict between being super-gifted, or between kids with powers in the hands of both the United States and the Soviet Union, but certainly, the narrative has set a certain scenario, much more extensive than we have seen so far in the Netflix series.

At the moment, of the fourth season, we know that the shooting has started and that some of them will be set in the same prison in Lithuania, already set for the Chernobyl series. Having said that, and keeping in mind the last scene of the past season, it is likely that we will see more than a few Russian scenarios this time.

The attention of the fans is very high but certainly, the wait will not be so short, considering that we will probably have to wait for the end of 2020 or even the beginning of 2021 to be able to return to follow the adventures of Eleven and his friends. The third season of the series brought several changes between the main characters in the series, with Eleven moving from Hawkins along with Joyce, Will, and Jonathan, after the (alleged?) Death of Sheriff Hopper. Fans in the following months speculated a lot about the fate of Jim Hopper, still quite hazy, despite the possible death of the character inside the Russian underground bunker. According to David Harbor, Hopper’s death would be the perfect ending.

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